IT Service Management

State-of-the-art IT service management solutions: Services that are equally easy to use and manage

Efecte Service Management:

  • All aspects of service management in one coherent easy-to-use set
  • Full view into service management at one quick glance
  • Modular and flexible solution

Information management is expected to deliver high-quality IT services at optimized costs. Efecte Service Management, in accordance with ITIL and SIAM, is a unique service management solution, which delivers full control into the hands of IT. Centralized device management, configuration and update management and management of contracts and agreements.

The combination of fast implementation and easy customization guarantees a low total cost of ownership. Efecte Service Management grows with your needs without over-sized projects or investments.

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ITIL- and SIAM-ready vendor management

In a multivendor environment, the management of IT service providers takes up the time and resources and poses a threat to data security… All for no good reason. With Efecte Service Management targeted and individualized access management and any changes in vendors can be easily handled. The management tool for service levels makes it easy maintain agreed levels of service within an organization and monitor how well external partners are upholding service levels based on their SLA’s.

Centralized device and resource management

Mobile devices, computers, software packages and Bluetooth devices are all easily managed using just one console. Centralized management also covers suppliers, contracts, SLA’s and licenses. When both your physical and immaterial assets are in your hands, we can talk about full control.

Management based on clearer information

Efecte Service Management’s user interface (UI) provides you with a comprehensive overview of your organizations numbers regarding IT and service management. The instruments show you e.g. all tickets and their respective response times. You can customize your own UI view based on the needs of your organization.

Customize services in-house

ITIL process compatible, preconfigured views and easy modification make our Service Management a popular ITSM solution. The customization possibilities of the easy-to-deploy Efecte Service Management is in a class of its own – Views and work flows are easily modified to fit the needs of your business without the need for external assistance.

A happy and efficient IT Help Desk

A well-functioning and efficient Help Desk keeps an organizations IT infrastructure rolling along smoothly, allowing staff to concentrate on their core tasks while services perform as expected. Service Management not only acts a s a tool that allows for the Help Desk to perform efficiently, but it also supports the development of a positive service culture.

Probably the most modern Visual Workflow Engine

Efecte’s Visual Workflow Automation introduces a unique transit-map design for visualizing workflows. The new design excels in clarity and simplicity setting a new bar for readability of workflows in the Service Management industry. No coding skills are necessary to automate enterprise processes.ent.

Self-service portal in responsive UI design

The Self-Service Portal improves operational efficiency and support services. It features service announcements, live-view of my request’s status, my pending Approvals, tips & tricks from the knowledge base and categorized enterprise services..