A complete guide to support your IT Service Management buying decision


IT Service Management Buyer's Guide

Your choice of ITSM vendor will affect your organization for many years to come. But how can you be sure to have the right process in order to make the best possible buying decision?

Our ITSM Buyer's Guide is designed to support you with the buying process by giving suggestions in each step of your software selection process.

No vendor will know your processes and organization like yourself. Identifying the needs of your organization can be used as the base for coming up with requirements for your IT Service Management software vendor.

To build a solid set of requirements, it is important to ask the right questions when it comes to for:

  • End-user experience
  • Configuring processes
  • Information Security
  • Hosting
  • Licencing models
  • Reporting
  • Vendor selection

Get more details on what to consider when looking for an ITSM solution by downloading our guide.

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