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Introducing  Effie AI—a suite of innovative NLP and Generative AI-based capabilities for AI-assisted IT Service Management. Effie AI uses secure AI technologies to give your Service Desk agents superpowers and help your end-users to solve issues quickly and at a lower cost of service.

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A safe, compliant AI boost for your Service Desk

With a choice of local or OpenAI models and private or public cloud data residency, Effie AI gives your organization the best of both worlds: productivity-boosting generative AI capabilities with full control over the privacy and security of your data.


Effie AI options

Two ways to use Effie AI to power up your Service Desk

Effie AI for Agents

Effie AI’s productivity-boosting features help your agents to handle more live chat sessions, respond faster to email queries, and resolve tickets more efficiently.

Effie AI for End-users

Effie AI’s smart, NLP-based chatbot guides users to self-solve issues without having to raise a ticket or wait in line for a human agent.

6 great reasons to use Effie AI in your Service Desk

Reduce service costs

Effie AI dramatically reduces ticket-handling costs by enabling agents to handle more enquiries, more productively.

See value fast

Simple configuration tools for email and ticket-handling help you get started fast.

Boost user satisfaction

Users can self-solve more issues on their own without waiting for an agent, creating a great user experience.

Meet transformation goals

Effie AI helps you meet your digital transformation goals by boosting agent productivity and automating routine tasks.

Gain more value over time

Effie AI starts with your existing data and gets progressively more accurate with new data, increasing agent productivity over time.

Boost agent satisfaction

Agents spend less time repeating manual tasks and more time solving complex issues, boosting job satisfaction.

All the benefits of AI without the worries

Anxious about entrusting sensitive data to a ‘black-box’ cloud-based AI tool? Then Effie AI could be for you. These unique features mean you’re always in control of where your data resides and which AI models you use.

Cloud on your terms

You can run Effie AI in your choice of our European cloud, your private cloud, or in the public cloud—ensuring you can meet your data residency obligations.

Users stay in control

Agents can choose when to get help from Effie AI, and review and edit any content before it’s shared. End-users can choose if they want to use the chatbot or directly chat with a human agent.

AI on your terms

You can use Effie AI locally using only your own data and Efecte’s local generative models, or using OpenAI models to take advantage of the latest Generative AI innovations.

Secure API

If you choose Effie AI with OpenAI models, Efecte uses the secure, one-way OpenAI API, ensuring your organizational data stays safe.

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