Efecte Effie AI for End-users

Boost the end-user experience and reduce cost to serve with an AI-powered virtual assistant for service management. 

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Effie AI for End-users is a friendly digital assistant for IT Service Management. It uses an intelligent NLP-based chatbot to help end-users to self-solve issues quickly and at a lower cost of service.

Effie AI Chatbot

Empower users to self-solve issues fast

Effie AI Chatbot is a smart, NLP-based chatbot that guides users to self-solve issues without having to raise a ticket or wait in line for a human agent.


Why use Effie AI for End-users in your Service Desk

Reduce service costs

By enabling end-user self-service, Effie AI dramatically reduces the volume and cost of agent-handled tickets.

See value fast

Pre-built use cases and a simple low-code editor for script-building help you get started with Effie AI fast

Keep control of data and AI

With Effie AI you’re in control of how and where your data is stored and handled, and which generative AI models you use.

Meet transformation goals

Effie AI advances your digital transformation by replacing manual ticket handling with digital self-service.

Boost user satisfaction

Users can self-solve more issues on their own without waiting for an agent, creating a great user experience.

Meet compliance obligations

Effie AI is part of the Efecte Platform, designed, hosted and supported in Europe to meet European data legislation.


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Effie AI Chatbot allows us to scale our business and ease the burden on our consultants. Our chatbot handles 36% of all contacts, freeing our team to provide assistance to other customers

Marta Czarnecka, Head of Customer Service, Artgeist

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