Microsoft Teams Bot

Send notifications to MS Teams, sync comments from a Teams channel to the related data card, and create new incidents directly from a channel.

What use cases are included?

Send notifications to MS Teams Channels

Send a notification to the relevant team via an MS Teams channel notification for every newly created ticket. These notifications can be flexibly defined based on the support group and desired MS Teams channel.

Sync comments from MS Teams to a datacard in Efecte

Allow support personnel to provide instant feedback and updates by syncing comments directly from MS Teams to an Efecte data card by adding a comment to the related post.

Create new incidents from an MS Teams channel

Improve End-user experiences by enabling them to create new incidents directly from MS Teams and follow up with comments that will add directly to the created incident.

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How can you get started?

Efecte’s Integration to Microsoft Teams is a free integration for all of our customers using the Efecte Service Managment Tool.

The Integration can be configured by any admin user or one of Efecte's consultants

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