Efecte AI Voicebot

In 2022, Efecte acquired Conversational AI company InteliWISE. Now, InteliWISE’s unique intelligent and programmable Voice Automation solution is available to Efecte's customers across Europe for better sales, customer service, and engagement.

Until now, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has mainly supported the text channel established  Chatbots were used for automated texting. The new generation of AI-powered speech recognition technology, however, offers new possibilities Voicebots (Voice Chatbots) go one step further they recognize users’ voice commands and respond to inquiries using voice and text.

AI Voicebot is a new solution for call centers, online stores and sales

New AI-based technologies help handle incoming calls, lowering service costs.

  • ASR is a technology that recognizes voice commands and converts them into text
  • NLU helps understand the question and recognize the intent
  • Conversation module provides answers or asks for clarification
  • Programmable dialog flow guides conversation, decides when to switch to agent

Tangible, financial and business benefits of using this new technology

Off - hours support, even during holidays, or at night

Replaces or supplements IVR

Acts as a standalone, virtual assistant

Automated information about the real-time, relevant
customer data


The company's team can edit content, add MP3, and manage Voicebot through a powerful administration dashboard

  • An intuitive set-up dashboard enables deployment of the voicebot even in one day.
  • Pre-built content is covering scenarios, helps a quick set-up.
  • Quick integration with your Call Center (hotline) systems.

Efecte Voicebot speaks with a natural voice-over. It makes the sound very authentic, which is the desired value from the customer’s point of view.


Reduction in the average

cost of call


Processed complaints

without a live agent


Bookings set


4 examples of Voicebots’ capabilities in generating leads and customer service


So far, the hotline consultants have served tens or even hundreds of thousands of calls related to recurring problems. This is where you should look for optimization and savings by implementing Voicebots.

Here are the four most common cases:


How can Efecte Voicebot improve customer service?

By shortening the waiting time for the hotline to a few seconds

By adding a voice function to existing chat rooms – dictating a question

By scaling up customer service on the hotline

By shortening the duration of the transaction – reservation, cancellation, cancellation

By creating a more contactive customer service centre

By adding a voice to the self-service function

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For more information about the InteliWISE AI technology please visit https://inteliwise.com/voicebot/.