Efecte Chat for Service Management

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The first line of customer support - chatbots

Efecte Chat for Service Management allows organizations to simplify their support processes and serve customers more efficiently. Use chatbots' power to solve issues quickly and provide 24/7 support or directly connect end-users and support agents to solve problems quickly.

Boost productivity and satisfaction for both agents and customers

  • Chatbot – Build rule-based chats to solve common issues.
  • Live Chat – Solve issues faster, and boost experiences
  • Customizable UI – Brand chat to be an extension of your portal.
  • Automatic ticket creation – keep record of every conversation
  • Integrated agent UI – provide agents a unified interface
  • Reports – create custom reports to follow key metrics
efecte chat

A modern tool for modern organizations

Improve efficiency

Chatbots handle repetitive conversations with visitors, so your customer service team can focus on complex ones.

Ongoing service development

Learn from chatbot interactions and chats escalations to customer service to expand your services and eliminate repeating agent tasks.

Intelligent targeting

Define and set where and when the chatbot or live chat should be triggered to ensure that end-users receive the best experience.

Take your services to the next level

Customer satisfaction ratings for live chat are often higher than other support channels. Customers can quickly solve their problems or get the answer they want in a few minutes instead of a few emails.

Efecte Chat will help to boost your employee satisfaction, efficiency, and end-user happiness.

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