Service Configuration Management (CMDB)

Enhance Efecte CMDB with Device42

Device42 has capabilities for collecting in-depth data into a single repository on Efecte Platform.

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What is Configuration Management and CMDB?

Configuration Management is about having a record of your systems, what’s happened to those items, and the details of the relationships between the items on your list. It is commonly used in IT, military, or commercial aviation scenarios. In IT, a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) could include details of servers, code modules, applications, etc. and how they are connected.

Source: Axelos

How does CMDB help your organization?

Maintaining up-to-date records of organization assets allows any organization to operate leaner and more efficiently. Complete and detailed records allow organizations to easily upgrade outdated or aging equipment before failure. Expanding these past singular items to review linkages and commonalities allows for even greater control.

Efecte Service Configuration Management Database

  • Record all Configuration Items (CI) and assets in one location
  • Manage application and integration ownership and responsibilities
  • Record and review fixed or leasing cost of items
  • Easily create visual dependency and relationships maps between assets

ITSM Service Managment CMDB - iMAC