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Securing operations for European organizations

European organizations are facing a lot of pressure to develop new plans and adjust their safety and operation programs to deal with online threats and new operational risks. Risk Management is essential in today’s increasingly complex business environment and thread landscape. Managing risk effectively is not just about compliance; it's a strategic imperative for safeguarding operations, reputation, and future growth. Efecte’s flexible platform, current capabilities, and professional services stand ready to guide midsize European organizations towards achieving Risk Management practices tailored to their unique needs. Our consulting-driven approach to building a Risk Management solution enables us to offer bespoke solutions that align with European organizational context and goals.


Our approach to Risk Management

Centralized risk oversight

Gain a unified view of all risks across your organization. Our professional services help you establish a centralized framework for tracking and managing risks, ensuring you have complete visibility and control.

Informed risk decision-making

Through risk analysis and prioritization based on probability and impact, the solution empowers you to make informed decisions, focusing your efforts on the most significant risks.

Linkage to Service Management processes

Integrating Risk Management activities seamlessly into both business and IT processes is crucial for enhancing organizational resilience and ensuring business continuity and continuous improvement. In the realm of IT, effective Risk Management is not a standalone effort but is deeply interconnected with core service management processes.

Integrating Risk Management with other processes, such as change management, problem management, incident management, configuration management among others.

Clear accountability

The solution assists in defining clear ownership of risks, ensuring that responsibilities are assigned and understood across your organization, from strategic to operational levels.

Comprehensive risk classification

Benefit from a nuanced classification system that spans strategic, operational risks, across business units, and according to key criteria such as people, processes, technology, and the CIA triad of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Integrated Risk and Asset Management

Link risks directly to your critical assets and Configuration Items (CIs) to understand potential impacts better and streamline Risk Management processes.

Seamless integration

Align Risk Management with your development projects, ISO27001 controls, and business continuity planning, ensuring a holistic approach to managing organizational risks.

Strategic risk response and communication

Plan and implement risk responses, ranging from acceptance and avoidance to transfer and reduction. Effective risk communication channels can also be established, including email notifications, to keep stakeholders informed and engaged.


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