European public organizations look for secure, flexible, and easy-to-use service management solutions

European public organizations look for secure, flexible, and easy-to-use service management solutions

Efecte’s flexible, adaptable and easy-to-use SaaS solutions are fast turning us into the service management platform of choice for public organizations across Europe. 

Data security, legal compliance, budget-friendliness, value for taxpayers’ money – these are all key considerations for Europe’s publicly-funded organizations when investing in software solutions for digitalization and automation.  

That’s why we’re seeing more and more public organizations choosing Efecte as a SaaS service management solution. Not just because it ticks the right boxes around security, privacy and compliance with national and EU-level legislation, but also for the many other benefits it brings.  

From healthcare providers to universities and municipal authorities, our public customers all have a great story to tell about how they’ve solved key challenges with Efecte. Here are just a few of them.  


Many use cases in one affordable platform 

Public organizations are always keen to make tight budgets stretch further, and one way to do that is to replace multiple software systems with one solution capable of addressing multiple use cases.  

Istekki Oy, a central IT services provider serving cities, municipalities and hospitals across Finland, is a case in point. It has used Efecte to replace separate systems for CRM, project management, procurement, warehouse management, and BI and analytics. Now, instead of running 10 core systems, it runs just two: Efecte IT Service Management (ITSM) and an invoicing solution.  

As well as delivering cost savings, this slimmed-down application estate also makes it easier for Istekki to analyze its business. “The whole supply chain has become much more transparent,” says Kristo Jokela, Istekki’s Customer Service Director. “It’s easier for us to anticipate and forecast our operations.” 

In the UK, the Somerset Cancer Register (SCR) is also covering multiple use cases with Efecte ITSM. The healthcare organization’s total cancer care solution has been adopted by 110 National Health Service (NHS) Trusts across the UK, meaning its small team handles requests and enquiries from many different stakeholders. With Efecte, a 360-degree view of each stakeholder is now available to all SCR team members, including contract, contact details, support history and customer products. 

SCR is now looking to extend Efecte into even more areas of its business, with the ultimate goal of running all of its operations on the Efecte platform. “We were happily surprised that Efecte offered everything we were looking for now and in the future,” says Roger Robe, Service Delivery Manager at Somerset Cancer Register. 


Data privacy, security and compliance

As stewards of citizens’ personal data, issues of security, privacy and compliance are always top of mind for public organizations. When choosing a SaaS solution, many look to local, Europe-based providers who understand the local legal and regulatory environment, and provide solutions that actively help organizations comply with their obligations.

Compliance often involves flexibility in choosing the cloud approach that meets the needs of that specific organization. This is what we call "Cloud on your own terms". Efecte Cloud can deployed on-premises, in your own data center, or in the data center of your choice. A private cloud option enables all the benefits of cloud operations including automated upgrades and backups with the ability to meet even the most demanding needs.

When Keusote, the Joint Social Welfare and Health Care Authority of Central Uusimaa in Finland, opted to implement Efecte Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) in 2019, for example, its decision was driven partly by a need to comply with Finland’s new Information Management in Public Administration Act. Keusote manages more than 5,000 user identities spanning permanent and temporary staff, so it needed a robust identity management solution.  

But while compliance was one of its end-goals, Keusote was also excited about the operational efficiencies that Efecte would bring. “Previously, creating a single user ID by hand could take up to 15 minutes, so Efecte saves us a great deal of time and money,” says Benita Kapp, Keusote’s ICT Development Manager. Now, Keusote is implementing Efecte ITSM too, and is looking forward to reaping further benefits from a single platform for identity governance and ITSM. 


Significant value for public money

Lastly, value for taxpayers’ money is a central consideration for publicly-funded organizations—in fact in most cases it’s baked into procurement rules. So when the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) launched a competitive tender for a new IT service management solution in 2021, the pricing of the software it was evaluating was key to the selection process. 

Fortunately, Efecte scored highly not only for our affordable, flexible and transparent pricing model, but also for the operational value our ITSM solution could deliver. As an example, UEF has been able to replace ad-hoc email and phone-based service with a centralized ticketing system and a self-service portal for end-users, saving time and money while providing faster, more efficient service.   

Our European base and our customer-first ethos also mean UEF and Efecte have been able to develop a close and productive working relationship. Regular meetings between UEF and Efecte have allowed the two organizations to co-develop new functionality for the Efecte platform, such as a whistleblower service that will help UEF to comply with emerging legislation.  

“Efecte’s local experts have been a significant asset for the cooperation,” says Juhamatti Tillonen, IT Manager at UEF. “It is great that they listen to the customer, and that we’re able to mutually develop the system.” 


Talk to us about Efecte ITSM for your public organization

The stories above provide a flavor of what Efecte ITSM and Efecte IGA can do for public organizations, but we recognize that every organization has its own needs and challenges. If you’d like to discuss how Efecte ITSM could help your organization, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to chat. 

 Santeri Jussila

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Santeri Jussila is the Chief Product Officer (CPO) of Efecte since March 2021. He is responsible for leading Efecte's product management, vision, and strategy. Before joining Efecte Santeri worked for 14 years in various international management positions at Nokia and before that at Comptel. He has considerable experience in the field of international product and customer experience development of tech industries.

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