We implemented AI in our Service Desk: Here is what we found.

We implemented AI in our Service Desk: Here is what we found.

At Efecte, we often preach the benefits of AI for Service Management and we firmly believe in practicing what we preach. We have already talked about our own AI-powered solution - Efecte Effie AI - and its benefits for boosting Service Desk productivity, lowering service costs, automating routine tasks and assisting agents at the click of a button. Last year, we decided to take our advocacy one step further by implementing Effie AI directly into our own Service Desk, and the results speak for themselves!

In the busy era of customer support, where every second counts, innovation is the name of the game. At Efecte Service Desk, Effie AI proved to be a real game-changer when it comes to service delivery. To dive deeper into the transformative impact of Effie AI, we had a chat with Aleksi Koli, a Service Desk Specialist at Efecte, who shared his firsthand experience with Effie AI.



Effie AI Accelerates Response Times

"I'd say that it definitely became faster," Aleksi says, highlighting the immediate impact of Effie AI on response times. With Effie AI at his hands, Aleksi found himself capable of addressing customer queries with unprecedented speed. "I can answer to the customers a lot quicker, I can give them the first response a lot quicker," he adds, emphasizing the tangible benefits of this friendly digital assistant.


Expand Response Options With Effie AI's Contextual Suggestions

Effie AI doesn't just speed up responses; it enriches the breadth and depth of support provided. Aleksi notes, "there is also a much bigger variety of the kind of answers that I can give to them." This expanded variety of responses ensures that customers receive tailored solutions that address their unique needs and circumstances.


Enhance Troubleshooting Capabilities With the Help of AI

Beyond providing predefined responses, Effie AI actively contributes to the troubleshooting process. Aleksi recounts instances where Effie AI suggested additional questions to ask customers, facilitating problem diagnosis and resolution. "I have definitely noticed that the Effie AI has come up with additional questions to ask from the customer to help with their troubleshooting," he shares, highlighting the AI's proactive role in augmenting human capabilities.


Seamless Integration and Intuitive Usage for Service Desk

Transitioning to Effie AI was remarkably smooth for Aleksi and his team. "It was easy and rather intuitive at the beginning," he recalls. Within a few hours, they were navigating the platform effortlessly. "I'd say maximum of 2 hours," Aleksi adds, emphasizing the seamless integration of Effie AI into their workflow.


A Friendly Digital Assistant That Empowers Multitasking

Effie AI not only accelerates individual responses but also empowers multitasking. Aleksi claims that he is now able to handle multiple customer inquiries simultaneously, thanks to Effie AI's support. "I feel like I can give much better responses much faster," he remarks, highlighting the new possibility for multitasking offered by Effie AI.


In conclusion, Aleksi's interview serves as a compelling testimony  to the transformative power of Effie AI for Agents. By accelerating responsiveness, expanding response options, enhancing troubleshooting capabilities, and empowering multitasking, Effie AI has redefined the standards of excellence in our customer support, and so can it do at yours. As organizations navigate the complexities of modern-day customer service, Effie AI stands as a beacon of innovation, driving efficiency, and delivering unparalleled customer experiences. 


If you are interested in implementing AI to help your Service Desk teams to work faster, more productively and with higher quality, while staying in full control of the data, we recommend taking a look at our Effie AI for Agents WhitepaperIn it you‘ll find out how a customer improved productivity by 50% in Service Desk, along with recommendations to help you decide the optimal approach to GenAI models and hosting for your organization.


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