Efecte Identity Governance and Administration

Govern, automate and protect identities with an agile European IAM solution

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Deploys fast. Saves costs. Scales to meet your needs.

Efecte IGA is the easy and affordable workforce
Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution. A cloud-based SaaS solution to secure your employees, contractors and partners with pre-built automation. We’ll walk you through it. 

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Easy and viable workforce Identity and Access Management

One single platform enabling IGA and ITSM

Low up-front investment for a quick start to the IAM journey

Easy to use self-service portal and admin UI

Improved security and regulation compliance

Reduced manual work and risk of errors, with automation of IT & physical access rights

Step by step approach with ready-made use cases

Explore the most suitable IGA package that meets the needs of your business

Efecte IGA


Essential use cases, reports & more pre-packaged for quick deployment.

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Efecte IGA


An ideal system designed & built to meet more demanding organization’s needs.

Full list of use cases

Efecte IGA


A complete package for large-scale enterprises to tackle identities & access rights.

Full list of use cases

Want to find out how we can help you with Identity and Access Management processes?

Learn how easy it is to review access rights requests, create new users, and more with Efecte IGA.

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"Our IAM system is responsible for over 5,000 active identities at a time. Previously, creating a single user ID by hand took up to 15 minutes. The system helps save a great deal of time and money."

Benita Kapp, ICT Manager

"We recruited 1,000 new employees in one year, which made easy on- and off-boarding essential. In the past, requests were made with several platforms but now everything is done using Efecte."

Petri Nieminen, ICT Manager
Valmet Automotive

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Must organizations sacrifice productivity for security or vice versa? 

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New approach to Managing Digital Identities


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