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Govern, automate and protect identities with an agile European IAM solution

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Deploys fast. Saves costs. Scales to meet your needs.

Efecte IGA is the easy and affordable workforce
Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution. A cloud-based SaaS solution to secure your employees, contractors and partners with pre-built automation. We’ll walk you through it. 

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With the Efecte IGA solution, A-Insinöörit improved user management, standardized quality and met the data protection requirements

Watch the video to see why A-Insinöörit adopted Efecte IGA and what the company's CIO Risto Tulenheimo thinks about the collaboration. 

"Our main concern was to ensure a smooth and reliable onboarding process for new employees and managers. When a new person joins the company, IGA ensures that they have the necessary access rights immediately. Previously, onboarding easily took over a day. Now, a new employee gets access rights to different systems in 5 minutes. Deleting access rights for departing employees is equally fast – if necessary, from all systems at once."

Risto Tulenheimo, Chief Information Officer


Easy and viable workforce Identity and Access Management

One single platform enabling IGA and ITSM

Low up-front investment for a quick start to the IAM journey

Easy to use self-service portal and admin UI

Improved security and regulation compliance

Reduced manual work and risk of errors, with automation of IT & physical access rights

Step by step approach with ready-made use cases

Explore the most suitable IGA package that meets the needs of your business

Efecte IGA


Essential use cases, reports & more pre-packaged for quick deployment.

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Efecte IGA


An ideal system designed & built to meet more demanding organization’s needs.

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Efecte IGA


A complete package for large-scale enterprises to tackle identities & access rights.

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Learn how easy it is to review access rights requests, create new users, and more with Efecte IGA.

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Discover more success stories: the power of Efecte IGA in action

"Our IAM system is responsible for over 5,000 active identities at a time. Previously, creating a single user ID by hand took up to 15 minutes. The system helps save a great deal of time and money."

Benita Kapp, ICT Manager

"We recruited 1,000 new employees in one year, which made easy on- and off-boarding essential. In the past, requests were made with several platforms but now everything is done using Efecte."

Petri Nieminen, ICT Manager
Valmet Automotive

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