A-Insinöörit and IGA - Increasing Efficiency with a Single Platform Approach

A-Insinöörit's values promise: together and better. This is now also reflected in their IT processes, with the introduction of Efecte IGA, a cloud-based SaaS solution that allows A-Insinöörit to streamline identity and access management.

A-Insinöörit assists developers, builders, property developers, and housing companies in succeeding in their projects by providing all planning and project management services for residential, industrial, and infrastructure projects. Collaboration with Efecte began in 2020 with an ITSM project. With the digitalization and automation of IT service management processes, there appeared a need to extend the same user-friendly, up-to-date, and scalable service experience to identity and access management.


Benefits of Efecte IGA solution for A-Insinöörit:

  • Transparency
  • User-friendliness
  • Auditability


The three key benefits of the Efecte IGA solution for A-Insinöörit are transparency, user-friendliness, and auditability.

Work methods and workplaces have been transforming for a long time. Along with the rise in remote work, cybersecurity, threats, and the evolving data protection legislation (GDPR) have increasingly gained attention in the public eye in recent years.

One of the most important goals for A-Insinöörit in the IGA project was to ensure that all processes and tools align with the requirements of the ISO 27001 standard, particularly in terms of user and identity management, now and in the future. ISO 27001 is the most recognized international standard for information security management systems.


"We previously had a rigid and poorly scalable software solution that no longer met modern requirements - whether it's about user management, quality standards, or data protection requirements," says Risto Tulenheimo, CIO of A-Insinöörit.

"We started in June 2023, and the project was completed in October of the same year. In practice, IGA was up and running in three months - and it wasn't a full-time commitment every day of the week. The project was indeed very smooth, and the collaboration seamless."

Risto Tulenheimo

Chief Information Officer, A-Insinöörit (AINS Group)

IGA, or Identity Governance and Administration: Transparency, user-friendliness, and more secure identity and user management.

"Efecte IGA's productized packages and the included use cases provided a clear foundation for the future. Our top priority was to ensure a smooth and reliable onboarding process for new employees and supervisors. When a new person joins the company, IGA ensures they immediately have the necessary access rights," says Risto Tulenheimo from A-Insinöörit, providing a practical example:

"Previously, onboarding easily took over a day; now, a new employee gets access rights and access to various systems in 5 minutes. Likewise, the rights of departed employees are revoked just as quickly - if needed, from all systems at once," Tulenheimo states.

Due to its user-friendliness, Efecte IGA has met the requirements of its users, as everything happens on a single platform.

"Reports are also easy to generate, whether it's for a cybersecurity audit or any other reporting need. Identities and access rights are always visible for auditing purposes, and all information is easily accessible," Tulenheimo continues.


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Why did A-Insinöörit adopt Efecte IGA? What does the company's Chief Information Officer, Risto Tulenheimo, think about the collaboration? Watch the video to learn more.


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