Efecte IT asset discovery with Device42

Fuel Efecte CMDB with the Power of Device42

Efecte CMDB leverages Device42 as our preferred IT discovery technology partner.

Device42 has the widest and deepest IT discovery solution available and complements Efecte CMDB by integrating comprehensive, hybrid cloud, auto-discovery capabilities to keep your data accurate and up-to-date.


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Advanced discovery

With Device42, you get access to information that perfectly mirrors the reality of what is in your environment providing a holistic view of your IT estate from physical data centers and legacy systems to cloud resources, cloud services, and cloud compute instances.

Automate with up-to-date asset data

Manage IT services more effectively and improve quality of response with detailed information provided from Device42. Device42 complements your Service Management processes as your single source of truth, and as a result, you can reduce resolution times and mitigate risk of complex IT environments.

Select Configurations Items (CIs) and associate them when creating service requests. Sync data such as devices, power units, parts, and racks then search for and navigate to requests that include CIs from Device42. All changes can be viewed through a detailed audit log with a defined source of change and the properties that were updated.

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Visualize the state of your IT

Device42's auto-generated diagrams provide IT staff members with “anytime access” to impact charts that clearly communicate the relationships between applications, hardware components and facilities (rooms, buildings). With known relationships, it is easier to predict effects of changes and optimise allocation of resources. 

Complete transparency

Many IT service desks struggle to discover issues. As a result, mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) is negatively impacted. To reduce the portion of MTTR related to issue discovery, organizations need to have good visibility into their assets, where they are, how they are connected to the network, and what impact they have on the business.

Device42 customers have reported that they have improved the amount of time it takes to resolve an issue by a minimum of 30% and that they can identify the cause of the issue at a minimum of 15% faster.



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Run your Operations with Data

By integrating the comprehensive data that is automatically and securely discovered from Device42 with Efecte’s built-in, live dashboards, you have continuous infrastructure visibility and accurate data to make better, more informed decisions.