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Valmet Automotive

Saving time and money: Valmet Automotive efficiently manages annual influx of 1,000 new employees

Controlling the influx of new employees is a must. Efecte helps Valmet Automotive process requests quickly and transparently.

The Situation: Influx of new employees

The company has a car manufacturing plant in Uusikaupunki, Finland, which manufactured a record-breaking 90,000 vehicles in 2017. The booming business has led to large-scale recruitment processes that have bolstered the corporation’s staff up to 4,500 members.

Controlling the influx of new employees is a must. Efecte helps Valmet Automotive process requests quickly and transparently.

“Controlling 5,000 identities and 29,000 assignments is difficult using Excel. 1,400 requests each month lead to roughly 5,000 emails, and controlling all that without a proper tool would be very time-consuming”, explains Petri Nieminen, ICT Service Delivery Manager at Valmet Automotive. “You need a system with workflows, like Efecte, to manage it efficiently.”

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Petri Nieminen, ICT Service Delivery Manager, Valmet Automotive

"We recruited 1,000 new employees in one year, which made easy on- and off-boarding essential. In the past, requests were made with several platforms but now everything is done using Efecte."


Valmet Automotive

The Solution: Efecte as a one-stop-shop

The growth is happening during a time of digitalization and Valmet Automotive wants to take advantage of technologies that make such rapid expansion more manageable. The company seeks to reduce the number of unnecessary emails and phone calls and instead handle information and requests in a more efficient manner. In 2018, Valmet Automotive implemented Efecte’s solution to help organize information. Valmet Automotive mainly uses Efecte for identity management and equipment requests, providing their staff with an easy self-service portal.

“Ease-of-use was our top priority. Whenever a new employee comes in, they need basic equipment and access rights. We wanted to have all that centralized in one location and use Efecte as a one-stop-shop”, Nieminen recalls.

When Efecte’s solution was implemented, Valmet Automotive was managing roughly 29,000 assignments and 1,400 requests each month. With the company recruiting 1,000 new employees in a year, easy onboarding and offboarding are essential. In the past, requests had to be made and delivered separately using several platforms. Now everything is done using Efecte, which has allowed time to be used in a more productive manner.

We were not well organized. After a request had been submitted, checking its handling and status was not easy enough and managers had to use their valuable time to stay on top of this information. We want employees working from day one, which means they must have immediate access to their basic tools.

The Benefit: Control, Security and Savings

Valmet Automotive has centralized all equipment requests – from workstations and phones to production equipment – to Efecte’s self-service portal and also offers a live chat with a helpdesk. Managing access rights is much more efficient and direct, and managers have an easier time staying on top of things. This provides more control, better security, and cost savings. Valmet Automotive has also been able to create standardized equipment packages for different roles, which helps the company prepare for a new employee’s arrival by making sure everyone has what they need to work.

Efecte also produces easy, up-to-date online reports which provide valuable help with internal and external audits. This has provided Valmet Automotive with increased security and reduced the risk of errors. Everything can be tracked accurately, and the company has been able to set up a significant amount of automation in line with these principles.

“We use automated provisioning to reduce manual work. When someone sends in a request for access rights, it is provisioned automatically once it has been approved. This means less work by hand and less risk of error. Automation is very important to us. We can also copy one employee’s access rights to a new employee starting in a similar position. This role-based approach is something we intend to increase in the future”, Nieminen adds.

“With Efecte’s self-service portal, users can see the status of their request. Transparency has improved the flow of information and reduced unnecessary disturbance. End-users can easily follow the tickets they create. Whether it is an equipment request, error notice, or live chat, they can follow the status in one place. There is no longer a need to call around to get information”, Nieminen says.

  • Transparency of information
  • Control and security
  • Automated workflows

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