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Availability Management

Availability management allows organizations to precisely document KPIs for key services. Efecte ITSM will automatically create a dedicated service availability form at a defined interval. These forms are used to calculate in the service is within the availability target, record the result, and send a notification if the goals are missed.

Availability Management Efecte ITSM

  • Create dedicated Service Availability Forms to record the availability of critical services for a set period
  • Automatically calculate KPIs based on the recorded information
  • Create alerts or alarms if service availability targets are not met
  • Link incidents or problems that create unexpected downtime for better reporting
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Measurement and Reporting

Make good decisions based on facts decreasing uncertainty within your organization. Efecte ITSM includes extensive reporting tools, dashboards, and a Kanban board view that makes it easy to lead with data. Our solution allows every user to individually create the graphs, lists, dashboards, or Kanban boards they need. You can also create role-based views to ensure everyone is tracking the same critical information.

  • Create a list, graphic, calendar, or dashboards to gain greater insight
  • Automatically calculate KPIs and enable alerts if they are not met
  • Export or integrate all of the data collected for use in separate auditing systems
  • Measure customer satisfaction with a survey upon service completion

measurement and reporting efecte itsm

Monitoring and Event Management

Automation and integrations are becoming increasingly widespread and reliable. Reducing or eliminating the need for constant review and tracking by humans helps to greatly improve efficiency and allows them to focus on pressing issues. Proper and timely notifications allow organizations to take the proper steps at the moment they are needed.

monitoring and event management efecte itsm

  • Log service events for easy review
  • Easily classify and report events
  • Create links between events and incidents for better evaluation
  • Receive event notifications via email or the service management tool

Problem Management

In some cases, incidents can only be resolved with workarounds, and preventing the same incident from reoccurring can only be done with deeper root cause analysis. Problem management is a dedicated practice to analyze complex issues. Incident and change management must be closely linked to problem management in order to receive professional analytics.

  • Create known solutions for recurring incidents
  • Easily identify and remove the root causes of known errors
  • Link problems to knowledge base articles to provide solutions or workarounds
  • Analyze trends to identify causes of problems before incidents occur
  • Improve service quality by measuring service areas with frequent problems
  • Centralize operations to better identify and react to core issues

problem management efecte itsm

Project Management

Properly plan, delegate, monitor, and maintain control of your IT projects with a Project Management Practice based on ITIL 4. Efecte ITSM allows users to record relevant project data. Supports monitoring through Kanban boards and enables coordination of multiple projects with calendar views. Individual list every task and link sub-tasks to create greater visibility.

project management efecte itsm

  • Record relevant project data for planning and delegation
  • Monitor project statuses with Kanban boards
  • List project tasks as separate entities for greater visibility
  • Store default tasks and repetitive projects

Relationship Management

Relationships can be hard, even in the business and IT worlds. The practice of Relationship Management helps organizations manage connections and dependencies with internal and external employees, organizations, service providers, and more. Efecte ITSM makes Relationship Management easier by creating clear records for every organization or person and linking interactions, services, devices, and more to these profiles.

  • Manage partner, customer, or provider connections and view dependencies
  • Record and link critical information relating to a service or company
  • Clearly classify the relationship type for greater visibility
  • Review relationships and linkages with our visual analyzer tool

relationship management efecte itsm

Release Management

Development and improvement are never-ending practices. Ensuring these positive changes do not have negative effects on business operations is essential. Through the use of proper planning, testing and contingency plans these negative effects can be reduced if not eliminated.

release management efecte itsm

  • Record all steps within a potential release
  • Easily plan, build, test and deploy new assets
  • Link assets, problems, incidents, or changes to expand the potential impact
  • Set clear milestones to ensure releases go as planned
  • Visually view releases within the included calendar view

Risk Management

The effective handling of risks is crucial for every organization, and their ability to identify, assess, and treat risks is essential for the stability and sustainability of their services. Proper risk management can help organizations operate with increased agility without risking system and service security or availability.

  • Create a central location to record and link risks, controls, assets, and owners
  • Expandable past IT risks and assets to allow for a single risk management solution.
  • Send notification of assignments to ensure reactions
  • Automatically calculate the risk level
  • Built and designed to meet ISO/IEC 27001

risk management efecte itsm

Service Catalogue Management

IT organizations must manage an ever-increasing amount of digital services, both related to running IT and other business units. Service catalog management manages the lifecycle of services. It is essential to understand the relationships of services in order to manage portfolio changes without interruptions. Recording service and business owners.

service catalogue management efecte itsm

  • Categorize service offerings and service items
  • Multi-language, multi-site and multi-tenant service catalogues support
  • Create role-specific service offering and service catalogue bundling support
  • Pre-integrated asset, CMDB, contracts, and licenses
  • Easily review and report service catalogue utilization

Service Financial Management

Control, allocate, and improve the cost efficiency of enterprise services with Service Financial Management and Efecte ITSM. Our solution allows you to create flexible dashboards to monitor cost development in real-time. Record a budget for a defined period and calculate the charges for any interaction within Efecte ITSM or integrated from an external invoicing solution.

  • Track the costs associated with Incidents, Requests, and Changes
  • Define budgets for cost centers or services
  • Flexibly define the recording period as quarterly, monthly, or any other interval
  • Easily integrate external invoicing systems for greater efficiency

service financial management efecte itsm

Service Level Management

Business operations are a continuous chain of tasks, and any delay or issue within this practice has a ripple effect. As technology expands and improves, seconds can prove detrimental. Organizations need an easy-to-use, visual and reliable tool for tracking and reacting to any changes.

service level management effect itsm

  • Record SLA's for assets, service requests, incidents, and problems
  • Monitor service levels in real-time
  • Automatically escalate a case or incident if the service level breaches
  • Benefit from extensive reports and statistics of service levels

Capacity and Performance Management

Capacity Management allows Service and DevOps Teams to record, plan, and forecast capacity demand and capacity performance of individual Configuration Items. Efecte ITSM focuses on capacity planning, resource allocation, and real-time capacity monitoring collected from external monitoring solutions.

  • Record the capacity allocation for a particular CI
  • Simplify requests for CPU cores, memory, and storage
  • Simplify capacity allocations to customers or cost centers
  • Use calendar views to better visualize allocations

capacity and availability management efecte itsm

Service Request Management

Providing employees with the necessary tools to complete their daily tasks is essential for any organization. This practice can be improved through the use of a central and easy-to-use location with clear approval processes. Service request management centralization will help to reduce approval, processing and delivery times, improving organizational efficiency.

Service desks can easily be overwhelmed by emails, updates, and requests for devices and services. Using self-service portals can help improve the overall user and manager experience by centralizing and simplify these practices. Efecte ITSM includes a mobile-first customizable self-service portal to provide uses with an easy-to-use location to make any requests regardless of their device. All of these requests are managed by the service desk using list views, custom dashboards, or Kanban boards. Managers can improve processing by incorporating workflow automation to tasks or entire practices and review key metrics and KPI's such as SLAs, feedback, and processing times for every stage of deliveries.

service request management efecte itsm

  • Manage service requests through an easy to use self-service portal
  • Simplify service requests by automating the entire process
  • Channel requests to the appropriate service personnel based on the type
  • Instantly review requests with real-time tracking across the entire enterprise
  • Create flexible reports across all service requests
  • Limit request availability based on user roles

Service Validation and Testing

Service lifecycle activities such as Change Enablement, Release Management, and Deployment Management require testing and validations. Efecte ITSM includes testing related templates for a single test or large-scale testing. Create visibility into who is doing what, the current results, and more for your Quality Engineers, Product Owners, or DevOps teams, or any other stakeholders.

  • Use standard test templates for small projects or large-scale test suites
  • Review the status of tests by reviewing the individual activities
  • Use test planning templates to build a checklist before starting testing
  • Review test results with lists, dashboards, and Kanban boards to identify problem areas

service validation and testing efecte itsm

Supplier Management

Organizations are increasingly focusing on their core businesses. This means an increase in outsourcing of a variety of services and areas of their business. The proper selection of partners is important, but so is the continuous review of their performance to ensure organization needs are met.

supplier management efecte itsm

  • Single point of record for all vendors and suppliers
  • Pre-integrated license and contract management
  • Vendor performance rating based on end-user feedback
  • System integration and management-ready, multi-vendor access management
  • Vendor performance management for SLA's and resolution times

Change Enablement

Creating standards to allow for smooth upgrades, developments and releases are paramount. Issues with releases causing downtime or a lack of support can greatly hinder any organization. Most issues that arise surrounding change can be mitigated if not wholly eliminated but implementing clear approval processes, testing, documentation, and review.

  • Create a set of standard change templates
  • Record work and cost estimates
  • Transform changes to tasks assigned to a single person or team
  • Ensure proper authorization
  • Track the progress of changes in implementation
  • Review implemented changes and develop the implementation practice

change enablement management efecte itsm

Demand Enablement

Capitalizing on organizational knowledge can mark the difference between rapid and efficient IT development and tedious and costly changes. Service provider organizations need to allow their customers to easily make suggestions for improvements and others to rate these suggestions. Allowing the entire organization to participate in the decision-making process allows for a wider review process and means a higher chance of success.

demand management efecte itsm

  • Record new ideas and suggested improvements
  • Create a list of acceptance criteria
  • Include financial and operational expenses for better evaluation
  • Allow users to vote on the demand
  • Link with changes and incidents for continued development

Deployment Management

Deployment Management is the practice of moving new or changed assets to live environments, mostly referring to production environments. Efecte ITSM uses a Deployment Pipeline to define the sequence of builds that will be deployed for one asset, such as a service, cloud solution, server, or software application. A build is a single instance of a new deployment at a given time within the Deployment Pipeline.

  • Create standard practices for moving assets to live environments
  • Separate deployments into Deployment Pipelines and Builds
  • Link schedules, tests, and reviews to deployment builds
  • Automatically duplicate default tasks and tests for each build

deployment management efecte itsm

Feedback Management

Customer experience, happiness, and satisfaction are paramount in ensuring an organization's survival. Simply completing a task no longer means customers will fully accept the solution or service. Organizations must request, receive, review and react to feedback near-instantaneously to survive and develop.

feedback management efecte itsm

  • Customizable and dynamic form to collect the most relevant data
  • An intuitive, advanced and modern interface to analyze and record feedback
  • Automatic alerts from high priority feedback
  • Mobile device support, allowing users to respond via their chosen device
  • Collect and organize data from multiple changes into one platform

Incident Management 

Issues constantly occur throughout the day, whether they are caused by a technical issue or human error. Effective incident management ensures that they are identified, reported and remedied. Providing employees with a simple and centralized reporting and notification location for issues and their solutions will greatly decrease negative impacts.

  • Detect, prioritize and record all incidents
  • Assign incidents to support groups or individual support persons
  • Easily track response times and target resolution times
  • Review progress and send automatic email notifications at key points
  • Find known solutions quickly from knowledgebase articles
  • Analyze incident trends to identify potential problems
  • Automate repetitive tasks through workflow automation

incident management efecte itsm

Information Security Management

Issues constantly occur throughout the day, whether they are caused by a technical issue or human error. Effective incident management ensures that they are identified, reported and remedied. Providing employees with a simple and centralized reporting and notification location for issues and their solutions will greatly decrease negative impacts.

information security management efecte itsm

  • Automate security responses to improve data security
  • Schedule and assign post-incident reviews
  • Review the system with the included views and dashboards
  • Easily track and report any incidents
  • Manage and audit past action to improve operations
  • Easily share best practices to improve the entire organization
  • Receive instantaneous feedback on the current operations

Knowledge Management

An effective organization is not one which does not make mistakes, but one that learns from their mistakes and reduces the impact. Organizations can increase efficiency by creating a knowledge base, where employees and service personnel can easily find solutions for frequently asked questions. This improves both operations and user experience.

  • Create a single point for knowledgebase articles
  • Allow quick fill solutions from knowledgebase articles to incidents
  • Improve self-help by linking knowledge base articles to the self-service portal
  • Identify the most helpful solutions by asking for user feedback
  • Allow users to instantly rate if self-help articles are useful

knowledge management efecte itsm