Solving customer problems at once: Istekki, an IT service provider, replaces several legacy systems with one

The situation 

“Due to our background and fast growth, we had a collection of more than 10 different systems to perform our core processes in the supply chain,” says Kristo Jokela, Director of End Users Services at Istekki. Employees needed, for example, four separate systems to receive service requests, create tickets, record work hours, and update equipment data. Additional systems were used for CRM, project management, procurement, warehouse management, and BI and analytics. 

In 2023, Istekki focused on adding value through the further development of services and new implementations for both their clients and themselves. The company’s gaze has also been firmly on the future, where they aim for more extensive automation and the assistance and speed that AI provides for our services.

Istekki Oy was founded in 2010 when Kuopio City and Kuopio University Hospital combined and outsourced their IT management resources. Now Istekki employs more than 1000 people in four cities and serves more than 30 cities, municipalities, and hospitals, most of which are its owners, too. The annual turnover in 2023 was 278 M €.

The challenge:  Simpler, faster, and better service

Besides basic ICT services, Istekki manages hospital systems and medical equipment. Therefore, those who need assistance may be users of smartphones, laptops, or even blood pressure monitors.

“Our service desk offers a single point of contact, and we aim to solve most problems at once. If further expertise is needed, it’s important that we can track the case easily,” Kristo Jokela, Director of End User Services at Istekki, says.


“It makes work a lot simpler and faster than before. It’s also easy to register a new employee to the system. The whole supply chain has become much more transparent. It’s easier for us to anticipate and forecast our operations.”

Kristo Jokela

Director of End User Services, Istekki

The solution

According to Kristo, easy tracking has been possible since Efecte was implemented, and is now available for customers in the form of self-service, too. “End-users can follow up on their service requests via our self-service portal. Also using the self-service portal in various predefined request types, we can serve our customers more efficiently and right on time. Efecte's self-service portal combined with automation tools has greatly reduced the delivery times on requests like user access rights and the portal can be also used as a starting point for requests outside the ICT scope, like HR and maintenance for our customers, so we are really talking about enterprise service management platform.”

Istekki employees save time also by taking advantage of the role-based workflow in Efecte. Each user gets to see the exact things they need in their work. “It makes work a lot simpler and faster than before. It’s also easy to register a new employee to the system.” Jokela himself makes good use of various reports that relate to the quality and costs of customer service. “The whole supply chain has become much more transparent. It’s easier for us to anticipate and forecast our operations.” 


Identity Management 

The need for identity management in well-being areas is related to automating permissions and access rights requests and updates, which bring relief to both maintenance and customer experience and usability. This is only the lowest and first level of implementation. Istekki now provides added value to their customers by expanding the identity management service to broader access and rights entities. 

Enterprise Service Management 

Istekki's ITSM/ESM service has been recognized as a capable solution for meeting the service management needs of our customer shareholders. This is evidenced by the number of projects and the growing interest of their customer owners in the versatile use of the service in cities, well-being regions, and other in-house companies. Istekki's service is based on the whole Efecte platform. The service enables highly customizable and extensive service management needs for both IT management and other customer organizations.  

Eating the elephant one bite at a time

When the collaboration started, Istekki had to replace more than 10 legacy systems with one service management system, which was bound to be an enormous project, no matter what. “Together with Efecte, we wanted to make the switch as smooth as possible. So, we split the project into work packages that were small enough to handle, and we maintained a steady flow of communication and workshops,” Jokela says. The system was configured and implemented for one user group at a time, in order to secure uninterrupted customer service, Istekki’s lifeline. 

The collaboration  

Over the years, the collaboration between Efecte and Istekki has become multilayered, from practical configuration work to the planning and management of complex large entities. In addition, Istekki and Efecte work together daily to meet customer needs in the form of projects and changes.

Istekki's customer shareholders have needs that are supplemented by services in cooperation with Istekki to create supplementary roadmaps, these are further developed with Efecte and if necessary, involve Efecte's product development. In 2023, a collaboration model was also developed, which is straightforward at both operational maintenance and development levels. We have proven that the ease and effectiveness of the collaboration has often given new momentum in the form of new projects and their quantity.

The benefit

The system was also further developed while the first users were already testing it. All Istekki employees are using Efecte at the moment. “The system is now up and running, but we want to continue development work with Efecte to ensure the longest possible life cycle for the system.” 

  • Simplicity with one cloud-based system that replaced over ten legacy systems
  • One-stop-shop self-service portal for employees and customers
  • Huge time-saving thanks to automation and predefined roles

Eyes firmly on the future 

At the beginning of 2024, Istekki identified significant development targets that produced added value for customers in terms of AI. Integrating them as part of customer use is now starting. The task for 2024 is to get new customer environments into production, identify new AI and automation capabilities, conduct the first tests, and start the first projects.  

At the same time as Istekki focuses on ongoing projects and running production, they are looking for the next steps in further development. The Istekki test environment is enriched with various "smart service management solution components".

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