Efecte ITSM: Stay on-prem when Jira support ends

Efecte ITSM: Stay on-prem when Jira support ends

Keep your IT service management on-premises after Jira Service Management Server support ends. Efecte ITSM stays on-prem for as long as you want, with easy migration to Efecte Cloud when you’re ready. 

Get ready for Jira Service Management Server
end of life

If you’re running Jira Service Management on-premises today, the clock is ticking. New licenses and upgrades/downgrades have already been discontinued, and support for all Atlassian Server products - including Jira Service Management Server - will end completely on February 15, 2024.

Your IT service desk faces a choice: move to Jira Cloud and see your data moved into the AWS public cloud, or keep service management in your own datacenter with an alternative ITSM platform.

Efecte ITSM: The European alternative to Jira

If it’s important for you to stay on-premises, Efecte IT Service Management (Efecte ITSM) could be the ideal solution.  

As the friendly European alternative to the global ITSM giants, Efecte is the IT service management platform of choice for over 300 organizations across Europe.

Total flexibility means you can deploy Efecte ITSM any way you prefer: in your own datacenter, in a third-party private cloud, or in Efecte Cloud. And unlike some ITSM solutions, you can move easily when you need to. 

Key features of Efecte ITSM

Native CMDB

Native CMDB

Our flexible, native configuration management database lets you auto-discover your assets, create templates for asset and configuration management, and automatically pull configuration data from incident reports.

Full ITIL 4 compliance

Full ITIL 4 compliance

Deliver outstanding IT service. Unlike Jira Server, Efecte ITSM is certified for all 19 best-practice processes in ITIL 4, so you can be sure of providing world-class IT service to your users.

Collaborative Service Desk

Collaborative Service Desk

Our collaborative Service Desk includes easy workflow automation, omni-channel incident reporting, team Kanban boards, and AI-assisted chat, among many other user-friendly features.

Self-service portal

Self-service portal

Empower end-users to help themselves. Efecte ITSM’s intuitive, mobile-first self-service portal allows end-users to raise tickets, categorize issues, follow ticket progress, and resolve some queries themselves with help from the knowledge base.

Cost-effective scalability

Cost-effective scalability

Keep costs down as your business grows. Efecte ITSM’s organization-friendly licensing means you can add as many end-users as you want with no increase in license costs.

Wide integration capability

Wide integration capability

With Efecte ITSM you benefit from wide integration capabilities as well as out-of-the-box integration with Efecte Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) for identity and access management.

5 reasons to migrate from Jira to Efecte

There are many great reasons to migrate from Jira to Efecte for ITSM, but here’s our top 5: 


Stay on-prem now and in the future

If you need to keep data on-premises for GDPR or data protection compliance, or if you just prefer to have it close to hand, you can stay on-prem with Efecte ITSM for as long as you need to.  


SaaS-like experience

With Efecte ITSM you get the benefits of SaaS without the downsides. We’ll manage the software in your datacenter, so you get regular updates and the same user-friendly experience as Efecte Cloud. 


Smooth path to Cloud

If you plan to go to the cloud in future, we’ve got you covered. You can move to Efecte Cloud at your own pace—and you’ll find exactly the same features and user experience in the cloud as on-prem. 


Next-level IT service

Efecte ITSM is a step up from Jira in terms of IT service delivery. You and your users will benefit from a native CMDB, support for all 19 ITIL 4 processes, and ease of use for agents and end-users.  


Deploy in days

Our fully-functional ITSM baseline means you can be up and running on Efecte ITSM in days, rather than weeks or months. 

Compare Efecte ITSM vs. Jira Service Management

Efecte ITSM gives you all the benefits of Jira Service Management Server—and much more. Use the table below to compare key Jira features with Efecte ITSM. 

Feature Jira Efecte
Data hosting In AWS

Your choice of: 

  • On-premises 
  • Your chosen Public Cloud 
  • Efecte Cloud 
CMDB Third-party CMDB with no discovery capabilities Native CMDB with integrations to INC/SR/PRO/CHA/etc. :
ITSM Maturity 7 ITIL 4 practices certified All 19 ITIL 4 practices certified
Integrations - Wide integration capabilities
End-user licenses Required for self-service portal Not required for Efecte self-service portal
Agent licenses No floating/concurrent licenses Dedicated/concurrent user and read licenses

Plan a best-practice migration from JIRA to Efecte

Migrating from JIRA Service Management Server to Efecte ITSM is easier when you have a solid plan. Download our Migration Guide for insight into these key planning and migration considerations: 

Managing change

Keep people up-to-date and onside before, during and after the migration—and make sure everyone is trained and ready to go at the switchover. 

Reviewing processes

Migration is a key opportunity to review your current IT service management processes and decide which you want to replicate in the new environment, and which could benefit from a redesign.

Migrating data

You may not need to bring all of your legacy data over into the new ITSM environment. Deciding what data you need to bring over, and what you can safely archive, can make a big difference.

Exploring features

The aim of your migration may be to replicate the Jira environment as closely as possible, especially if it’s a forced move from an end-of-life platform. But Efecte ITSM has many other features that can help your team, so it’s worth taking time to explore what’s available and how it could work for you. 

Plan a best-practice migration from Jira to Efecte

Migrating from Jira Service Management Server to Efecte ITSM is easier when you have a solid plan. Download our Migration Guide for insight into these key planning and migration considerations: 

Download the migration guide

Plan a best-practice ITSM migration

Find out more about Efecte ITSM

With less than a year until Atlassian Server support ends, it’s a great time to explore alternatives to Jira Service Management. Do you have questions about Efecte ITSM as a replacement for JIRA Service Management Server? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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