Finding the perfect fit with Efecte Service Management. “Having a partner whose direction we could trust was one of the key factors.”

”What we wanted, was a modern solution that would evolve as our needs evolve.”

One size fits all does not apply when choosing a service management provider. It all starts with evaluating the needs and situation of your organization and defining which functions the solution needs to serve. DataEnter is looking to have strong growth within its ICT business. Why DataEnter decided to replace their long-term system with Efecte was about that: finding the perfect fit.


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Learned along the way

Be Brave:

Changing the service management provider might feel like a giant step, but it will be worth it, if it’s no longer serving a purpose


Replacing a system is not a short project, you need to be patient as there might be bumps on the road

Added value

Replacing a service provider must come with added value: know what you want to improve and change.


“Having a partner whose direction we could trust was one of the key factors.”

The Situation

This story began over ten years ago, when DataEnter (previously Kaisanet), an internet service provider, started using a big global service management tool. The intention was to use it across the functions and in a versatile manner. Even though the original idea was big, the system ended up serving as a ticketing tool.

“It was too heavy to use for such a purpose, and we needed a system that would serve us more profoundly, not just for ticketing. This is when we decided to look for an improvement, to look for a provider that would be a right fit for us: big enough, yet not too big, modern user interface, and one whom we could interact directly with.”

“When it was clear that something needed to be changed, we evaluated a few service providers. The smaller ones, “off-the-shelf”, did not appeal since they were not agile enough, whereas global giants lacked personal contact and had limited flexibility, unable to scale down”


COO, DataEnter

The Challenge

Automating our workflow

Automating the service desk function has been at the core of this process. “This adds value directly to our customers: when they can get their issues solved without delay, it enables our people to focus on other issues that are not yet automated. We want a service provider who provides a solution for our needs."


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Matti describes DataEnter’s customers requiring more than just a ticketing system. The system needs to be flexible and to understand the customer’s environment and business.

The Solution

Efecte Automation Tools resonated with DataEnter, and the CMDB functions became a core element. “These elements not only exclude the smaller service providers, but it also raised the standard of how we operate: we needed to work our modern CMDB abilities, problem management solutions as well as increasing the level of automation. Developing the customer portal was simply a must for our business.”

As the journey of Data-Enter and Efecte is still at the very early stage, Matti has been pleased with the co-operation. As we live in an unexpected world, having a partner to grow and develop with is a valuable asset. “There are future expansions we are already thinking with Efecte.”

The Benefit

Matti Kanervo, the COO for DataEnter told us why Efecte was a perfect fit for them and why they wanted to replace ServiceNow with Efecte.

“Efecte isn’t too expensive for our size organization, they are a perfect fit: we can interact directly with you. Having said that, it is not too small either. The too-small service provider would dictate what we do, that is not what we want. Tailoring was what we wanted and needed. “



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Having a strongly dedicated partner was also important for DataEnter. This meant intense workshops facilitated by Efecte before starting the work, to fully understand and identify the needs.




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