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How Does Efecte ITSM Help Simplify your IT?

IT Service Management solutions are the backbone of IT organizations. Efecte makes work seamless across different practices though the one-platform approach without independent modules. Efecte ITSM is a proven and easy-to-use tool for digitizing all IT practices allowing services, people, and assets to be consolidated and managed from one solution.

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"We had a collection of 10 different systems. Now Istekki operates only 2 main systems: Efecte and another integrated system for invoicing."

Kristo Jokela, Customer Service Director, Istekki
An MSP providing information, communication and medical technology (ICMT) services.

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What makes Efecte ITSM different?


Mobile-first Self-Service Portal

Our self-service portal is built using a responsive UI that automatically adjusts to any browser sizes and doesn't require any downloads. Find out more!

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Visual Workflow for Kanban Board-3

Codeless workflow engine

Our workflow engine allows any administrator to design automations using the pre-configured building blocks without the need for coding.

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Efecte ITSM Service Managment Tool

Advanced Reporting Tools

Online reports and dashboards that can be easily created and tailored by any user.

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Fully Functional ITSM Baseline

Deployable within days instead of weeks due to our comprehensive and certified baseline.

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Are AI and ITSM the perfect match?

Artificial Intelligence is making its way towards IT Service Management. Our white paper brings a holistic approach to all areas where AI will play a vital role and enhance the way we work.

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Learn about our ITSM solution!

Efecte ITSM is a comprehensive solution including a range of areas surrounding IT. Download the Efecte ITSM Solution Description and gain complete insight into everything our solution can do.

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