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Perfect services start with the most versatile ITSM solution

IT Service Management solutions are the backbone of IT organizations. Efecte makes work seamless across different processes. Efecte ITSM is a proven and easy-to-use tool for digitizing all IT processes allowing services, people, and assets to be consolidated and managed from one solution.

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"When you have a workforce of 15,000 people, every ticket or request that can be handled automatically saves a lot of the IT personnel’s time."

"I would venture that in IT support alone, the new automation has saved us one full-time work year."

- Aki Valkama, IT Manager, Mehiläinen

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Multi-language Self-Service Portal

| Fast, intuitive and web-based interface
| Guided offering linking multiple services
| Self-help knowledge center for users
| Embedded approvals and company-wide announcements
| Customizable service offerings
| Role and site-specific service catalog management

Service Management Tool

| Role-specific, public and personal online reports
| Modern, responsive UI adopting to any web browser
| Role-based access management down to attribute level
| Codeless workflow automation with pre-configured building blocks
| Visualisation of any relationship between issues, assets, and persons
| GDPR-compliant anonymization and archiving of personal data

What makes Efecte ITSM different?

Responsive UI which automatically adjusts to all browser sizes, including mobile.

ITSM Self-Service Portal 2

Codeless workflow engine allowing any administrator to design automations using the pre-configured building blocks without the need for coding.

ITSM Workflow 2

Online reports and dashboards that can be easily created and tailored by any user.

ITSM Custom Dashboard 2

Deployable within days instead of weeks due to our comprehensive and certified baseline.

ITSM Baseline 2

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"Due to our background and fast growth, we had a collection of more than 10 different systems to perform our core processes in the supply chain. "

- Kristo Jokela, Customer Service Director, Istekki

Now Istekki operates only 2 main systems: Efecte and another integrated system for invoicing.

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Automate any Process


Change Control

Maximize successful changes by assessing risks, reviewing approvals and managing the schedule.

Demand Management

Create a dialog and promote co-creation with end-users through suggestions and improvements.

Event Management

Reduce repetitive actions and monitoring through automations and notifications.

Feedback Management

Develop and improve services by requesting, reporting and reviewing service feedback.


Incident Management

Decrease downtime by simplifying incident reporting and processing.

Information Security Management

Automate responses to security incidents to reduce reaction times and improve compliance.

Knowledge Management

Provide known solutions to issues promoting self-help.


Problem Management

Standardize the processing of complex issues requiring workarounds through links, analytics, and reports.


Release Management

Reduce the introduction of issues or problems with proper planning, testing, and contingencies. 
Service Catalog_blue

Service Catalogue Management

Manage services and their usage improving availability, processing, and reporting.

Service Configuration Management (CMDB)

Centralize, categorize, monitor and report Configuration Items (CIs), assets and more.
Service Level_blue_2

Service Level Management

Improve efficiencies by tracking SLA's, reviewing reports, and receiving notifications if they are exceeded.

Service Request_blue_2

Service Request Management

Simplify making requests, approvals, and delivery by centralizing offerings.

Supplier Management

Record, report and integrate supplier details and performances to gain insight into your service providers.


Are AI and ITSM the perfect match?

Artificial Intelligence is making its way towards IT Service Management. Our white paper brings a holistic approach to all areas where AI will play a vital role and enhance the way we work.

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Efecte ITSM is a comprehensive solution including a range of areas surrounding IT. Download the Efecte ITSM Solution Description and gain complete insight into everything our solution can do.

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