Edge for Security Operations


Automate SecOps

Edge for Security Operations is the first line of defense for IT operations by automating security incident response and improving compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Analytics of Security Operations

| All information at a glance in a customizable dashboard
| Automatic calculation of response and resolution times based on the service
| Automatic measurement of target response and resolution times
| Possibility to escalate or notify others prior to  target performance failure



Automated Security Incident Response

Replace email and phone based security incident management with a centralized, transparent task management tool.

| Single place for recording all security incidents
| Reports and dashboards for all members of security incident response
| Automated escalation of incidents based on security incident category
| Role-based access management of data down to individual field level
| Forensic audit trail for what has been viewed and when

Modernize Security Incident

| Automate security responses to improve data security
| Schedule and assign post incident reviews

Identify Threats Faster

| Review the system with the included views and dashboards
| Easily track and report any incidents

Improve Continuously

| Manage and audit past action to improve operations
| Easily share best practices to improve the entire organization
| Receive instantaneous feedback on the current operations

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