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Tech Debt: Addressing the Problem and Building for a Digital Future

Every organization has some level of tech debt, but is your tech debt under control? Find out why tech debt matters now, what are your options, and how to reduce the impact.


AI in Service Management: Comparing technologies

Artificial intelligence has a wide range of use cases for any organization's service management. From virtual agents to virtual coaches and even prescriptive maintenance and profiling, AI can help to improve efficiencies, security, or satisfaction. 

ITSM business case

Building a Business Case for ITSM

As an IT Professional, you want to move your organization to the next era of Service Management. You understand exactly why your organization needs a modern ITSM tool. But are you having trouble convincing your management that the cost is worth it?


Guide: Tips for excelling with AI in ITSM

If you are looking to add AI to your ITSM system, you should first evaluate your maturity, the value you hope to achieve, direction, and risks.

Ebook Efecte about Enterprise Service Management

Enterprise Service Management - a path towards a digital organization

Our Ebook provides you with guidance and thoughts about how Enterprise Service Management can drive the digital transformation in the company, which steps have to be observed and what you should pay attention to in order to implement a successful ESM strategy.

Six Pitfalls to Avoid on Your Way to Agile Service Management

Guide: Six Pitfalls to Avoid on Your Way to Agile Service Management

Agile Service Management has been on the agenda of most IT leaders for some years now. This guide will help you avoid 6 of the most common pitfalls when applying agile in practice on your service operations.

Agile eBook 1920x1080

Agility Made Easy: Your Introduction into Agile

Our eBook covers, what is agile, it's values and principles, favorable conditions, and some of the methodologies and tools used; serving as an introduction for newcomers and a refresher for seasoned veterans.

Automation - a Turbo for Service Management

Guide: Automation - a Turbo for Service Management

Companies have to react ever faster to the changing needs of their customers. This guide will show three practical steps and examples of how companies use automation to increase their productivity, customer, and employee satisfaction.

Efecte ITIL 4 White Paper Cover

ITIL 4: Agile Revolution or Repackaging the Old?

ITIL 4 was released in late February 2019. What are the differences to ITIL V3 and what is the added value offered by the new version of the best practice framework for companies and their IT departments?

ITIL 4 Revolution oder old news?

ITIL 4: Revolution oder alter Wein in neuen Schläuchen?

ITIL 4 wurde im Februar 2019 veröffentlicht. Welche Neuerungen bringt die neue Version des Rahmenwerkes, welchen Mehrwert bieten diese und was ist konkret anders als bei ITIL v3?

Modern Identity and Access Managment

Modern Identity and Access Management in Enterprises - Practical tips for IT decision-makers

Managing data and access to it is becoming increasingly challenging as the business IT environment evolves at an increasing speed. This guide gives practical tips how IT decision-makers can ensure that the organization’s IAM stands up to scrutiny.



Cover_AI 4th Gen of automation ebook-581871-edited-466838-edited

AI: a 4th Generation of Process Automation in ITSM

Artificial Intelligence is making its way towards IT Service Management. This Whitepaper brings a holistic approach to all areas where AI will play a vital role and enhances the way we work.

Cover_GDPR_Obligation to provide information ebook-623943-edited-437833-edited

GDPR: Right to be forgotten and how to be compliant

All incidents in connection with personal data need to be reported within 72 hours. The majority of companies cannot even come close to complying with this time frame. Discover how an ITSM Solution can help. 

Cover_GDPR_Right to be forgotten ebook-866832-edited-408480-edited

Guide for IT Service Managers: Three steps to comply with GDPR

GDPR forces IT Service Managers to rethink their data retention policies. This paper presents three simple steps to comply with GDPR’s Right to be Forgotten.

Market studies

RIA Vendor Selection Matrix 2021

Research In Action - Report on ITSM Tool Vendors for Upper Midmarket 2021 (in English)

German analyst firm Research In Action compares 20 software providers from the IT and Enterprise Service Management sectors and explains trends and challenges in the industry. Efecte is proud to be one of the Top 5 ITSM-Tool providers in Germany and to lead in customer satisfaction.


RIA Vendor Selection Matrix DE 2021

Research in Action - ITSM / ESM Tool Hersteller Matrix für 2021 (in Deutsch)

In der neuen Marktstudie für 2021 vergleicht das deutsche Analystenhaus Research in Action 20 Software-Anbieter im Bereich IT- und Enterprise Service Management. Efecte wurde als Market Leader in den Top 5 ITSM Tool Anbietern für den gehobenen Mittelstand in Deutschland bewertet. 

IDG ITSM 2021 EN-1-1-1

IDG - Study of ITSM and ESM Market Trends in Germany 2021 (in English)

This study investigates how companies from the DACH-region, i.e. Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, manage their IT services, how they embrace Enterprise Service Management, the impact of the Corona crisis in ITSM trends, and where the market generally heads to.

IDG Studie Title Page

IDG - Studie zu Trends im ITSM in Deutschland, Österreich, und der Schweiz (in Deutsch)

In der Studie finden Sie u.a. Antworten auf folgende Fragen: Wie wirkt sich die Corona-Pandemie auf das IT Service Management aus?
Wo sehen Unternehmen den Unterschied beim Einsatz von ITSM und Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Tools? Cloud oder on-premise?

Title Page ISG ESM Report 2021

ISG - Efecte identified as Rising Star for ESM Tools in Germany in 2021 (in English)

Efecte has been identified as Rising Star for Enterprise Service Management Tools in Germany by ISG, a leading global technology research and advisory firm. According to ISG, Efecte as a Rising Star award receiver has ”…a promising portfolio or the market experience to become a leader”.

Titelseite ISG ESM Studie 2021

ISG - Efecte ist Rising Star im Bereich Enterprise Service Management Tools (in Deutsch)

Efecte wurde von ISG Research im ISG Provider Lens Quadrant Report für 2021 als Rising Star in der Kategorie ESM Tools in Deutschland eingestuft. Efecte wurde in diesem Jahr zum ersten Mal analysiert und als Anbieter mit signifikanten Wachstumspotential in Deutschland erkannt.


Whistleblower Directive 600X300

Whistleblower Directive - Going Beyond Compliance

Be compliant and create a safe working environment by promoting speak-up culture. A flexible service management tool can help you. 


Work smarter, not harder: How to measure to improve Digital Employee Experience

Learn how to measure digital employee experience - that is how computers and software serve employees - in your organization, and where to focus your efforts while improving it.

AI in ITSM webinar in English

AI in ITSM - top 10 use cases (English version)

How can IT organizations benefit from Artificial Intelligence in their IT Service Management? Discover the top 10 usecases and see a live demo of our Virtual Coach in action. 

AI in ITSM webinar auf Deutch

Der Mehrwert von KI im IT Service Management (German version)

In diesem Webinar gehen wir zunächst die Top 10 Anwendungsfälle durch, in denen KI im ITSM einen konkreten Mehrwert liefern kann. Dann zeigen with Ihnen Live-Demos von 2 KI-Implementierungen im ITSM.

AI inom ITSM webinar på svenska

AI inom ITSM (Swedish version)

Hur kan IT-organisationer dra nytta av artificiell intelligens i sin IT Service Management? Vi förklarar vilka saker som kan automatiseras effektivt med AI och RPA ,och demonstrerar olika exempel på implementeringar av artificiell intelligens.

Sopimustenhallinnan kehittäminen

Sopimustenhallinnan kehittäminen – Sopimustieto palvelemaan liiketoimintaa

Webinaarissa käsittelemme mitä moderni sopimustenhallinta merkitsee organisaatioille ja kuinka sitä voidaan kehittää palvelemaan liiketoimintaa.


ITIL 4 und SAFe 5.0 webinar

ITIL 4 und SAFe 5.0: das perfekte Match für ein besseres Service Management im ganzen Unternehmen?

Wir sprechen darüber, wie Rahmenwerke wie ITIL 4 und SAFe® 5.0 Sie dabei unterstützen können, Ihr Service Management auf agile Art und Weise effizienter zu machen. 

IAM English

Identity and Access Management - How to Get Started? (English version)

Watch our demonstration about how Identity and Access Management can be easily integrated into your Service Management platform.


How to Build Custom Applications on Your Efecte Platform (Build-Your-Own)

In this on-demand webinar, you learn how to personalize your Efecte solution by adding custom applications to the platform.


Sovellusten rakentaminen Efecten päälle (Build-Your-Own)

Opi kuinka voit rakentaa organisaatiosi Efecte-alustan päälle mitä tahansa prosesseja, raportteja ja lomakkeita ja hyödyntää Efecteä entistä laajemmin.

Implementing Crisis Ops Webinar

Managing operations during difficult times: Deploying a Crisis Ops Solution.

Webinar presents ways for Efecte users to manage and mitigate the effects of crisis.

How to capitalize on Agile

How to Capitalize on Agile, the New Currency of Business.

Find out, what, in practice, does it take to lead an agile operation or become an agile organization in today's digital world.

Agile Webinar

Agile Service Management with SAFe 5.0.

The new standard of agile service management is here. Learn how to apply SAFe and Agile Service Management in theory and practice.

Serview and Efecte shared webinar on agile itsm

Agile Service Management - Finally a topic in ITIL?

Today, your Service Management has to be able to quickly adapt to new challenges and work in harmony with the business. Is ITIL framework able to adapt to the needed change?  

webinar with Ultimate ai - AI at Service desks

Intelligent ITSM: The Future of AI-Powered Service Desks

AI-powered Service Desks – Yes, please! AI-power will allow service desks to cut costs, scale output and boost service experience. Join our webinar.

HRSM webinar 600_350px

Employee Experience 2.0: People Analytics meets HR Service Delivery

People Analytics meets HR Service Delivery – how transparency and data can boost the role of HR departments and help to retain key talent.

ITIL4 what can we expect webinar Efecte

ITIL 4 is live - what can we expect?

ITIL 4 was released in late February 2019. Does this latest version of ITIL make the service management of IT organizations considerably more agile and to provide support in the digitization of service processes?

ESM Webinar mit Research in Action und Efecte

Enterprise Service Management - Status Quo und Trends

Enterprise Service Management ermöglicht es, Best Practices vom ITSM und ITIL-Prozessen im ganzen Unternehmen eimzusetzen. Wie sieht es allerdings konkret in den Unternehmen aus? Wer treibt oder setzt das Enterprise Service Management um? Welche Anforderungen haben Unternehmen an Tool-Hersteller und wie entwickelt sich der Markt?


ITIL 4: Was dürfen wir erwarten?

Die neueste Version des ITSM-Rahmenwerkes wurde 2019 veröffentlicht und enthält einige Veränderungen, die Ihr ITSM nachhaltig beeinflussen können. Welche das sind und wie sie am besten umgesetzt werden erklären wir in unserem Webinar.


Agiles Service Management in der Praxis: einen Workflow in 45 Minuten erstellen und automatisieren

In diesem Webinar zeigen wir Ihnen, wie einfach und effizient die Automatisierung von Prozessen sein kann. Anhand von zwei Prozessen - Service Request und Service Fulfillment - sehen Sie in Echtzeit die Logik und die Verknüpfungen, die einen automatisierten Prozess ausmachen.

Enterprise Service Management in der Praxis: Wie Bechtle Hamburg ihre Serviceprozesse digitalisiert und automatisiert hat

Aus der Praxis berichtet Tobias Stender, wie die Bechtle Hamburg die Herausforderung des Enterprise Service Managements gemeistert hat und erfolgreich die Digitalisierung und  Automatisierung der internen Serviceprozesse umsetzen konnte.


Agiles Service Management und ITIL 4: Theorie und Praxis

In diesem Webinar zeigen wir, wie alle ITSM-Praktiken in ITIL 4 und agile Ansätze Hand in Hand gehen können, um den langfristigen Erfolg der IT und Ihrer Kunden gewährleisten zu können.


Perfekte Bestellprozesse in einem sinnvollen Servicekatalog

Zwei Experten geben Ihnen praktische Tipps auf dem Weg zum erfolgreichen Servicekatalog und zeigen, wie ein effizienter End-to-End Service-Request-Bestellprozess aussehen kann.
IAM English

Identity and Access Management - How to Get Started? (Finnish version)

Watch our demonstration about how Identity and Access Management can be easily integrated into your Service Management platform.

View some of our latest video presentations

Forget about customers - fail with digitalization

Milla Kuosmanen, Efecte VP Customer Success

In order to succeed with your digitalization agenda, you need to know your customers and take control of your services. Milla covers real-life examples of international successes of combining digitalization and customer experience, and highlights three steps to sure failure. 


Service Catalogue 2020

Peter Schneider, Efecte Chief Product Officer

Peter discusses four topics you should take into account to future-proof you service catalogue for 2020.  


Interview: the current state of Enterprise Service Management in DACH countries

Peter Schneider, Efecte Chief Product Officer

Peter explains the status quo of Enterprise Service Management in DACH-based companies and what is important when choosing an ESM solution.

ITSM in 2025 - Will AI & Agile Replace the Traditional Service Desk?


Peter Schneider, Efecte Chief Product Officer 

This presentation discusses how disruptive technologies and methodologies are changing the ITSM world and other enterprise services. 



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Efecte ITSM

The Efecte IT Service Management solution description will give an in-depth look into the out-of-the-box functions and features of our solution.

Efecte HRSM

The Efecte HR Service Management solution description will give an in-depth look into the out-of-the-box functions and features of our solution.


Efecte IGA

The Efecte Identity Governance and Administration solution description will give an in-depth look into the out-of-the-box functions and features of our solution.

Efecte IDM_IAM

Efecte IDM

The Efecte Identity Management Solution Description will give an in-depth look into the out-of-the-box functions and features of our solution.