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Get inspired with eBooks, whitepapers and video presentations. We cover themes around IT Service Management like Service Catalog, GDPR, agile ITSM or Artificial Intelligence. 



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ebook AI 4th Gen of automation

AI: a 4th Generation of Process Automation in ITSM

Artificial Intelligence is making its way towards IT Service Management. This Whitepaper brings a holistic approach to all areas where AI will play a vital role and enhances the way we work.

Cover_State of ITSM in Nordics study-025223-edited-331235-edited

The State of ITSM in the Nordics study summary

What is important in an ITSM solution for Nordic IT decision-makers and how are leading vendors doing? Read a summary of a study conducted in Spring 2018. 

Cover_GDPR_Right to be forgotten ebook-866832-edited-408480-edited

GDPR: Right to be forgotten and how to be compliant

GDPR forces IT Service Managers to rethink their data retention policies. This paper presents three simple steps to comply with GDPR’s Right to be Forgotten.

Cover_GDPR_Obligation to provide information ebook-623943-edited-437833-edited

GDPR: Obligation to report incidents within 72 hours and how to be compliant

All incidents in connection with personal data need to be reported within 72 hours. The majority of companies cannot even come close to complying with this time frame. Discover how an ITSM Solution can help. 

RiA2019 Cover

2019 ITSM market report and vendor selection matrix (in German)

German analyst firm Research in Action compares 20 software providers from the IT and Enterprise Service Management sectors and explains trends and challenges in the industry. Efecte is proud to have been one of the top 10 manufacturers in Germany from the very beginning.

ebook Modern IAM management in enterprises

Modern Identity and Access Management in Enterprises - Practical tips for IT Decision-makers

Managing data and access to it is becoming increasingly challenging as the business IT environment evolves at an increasing speed. This guide gives practical tips how IT decision-makers can ensure that the organization’s IAM stands up to scrutiny.

ebook ESM-sm

Enterprise Service Management - a path towards a digital organization

Our Ebook provides you with guidance and thoughts about how Enterprise Service Management can drive the digital transformation in the company, which steps have to be observed and what you should pay attention to in order to implement a successful ESM strategy.
ESM DACH 2019 - IDG Research und EFECTE Studie

2019 Study about the state of Enterprise Service Management adoption in DACH countries (in German)

This study investigates how companies from the DACH-region, i.e. Germany, Austria and Switzerland, manage their IT services, but also - and particularly - other services such as HR and financial services, or customer service.

Efecte ITIL 4 White Paper

ITIL 4: Agile revolution or repackaging the old?

ITIL 4 was released in late February 2019. What are the differences to ITIL V3 and what is the added value offered by the new version of the best practice framework for companies and their IT departments?


Agility Made Easy: Your Introduction into Agile

Our eBook covers, what is agile, it's values and principles, favorable conditions, and some of the methodologies and tools used; serving as an introduction for newcomers and a refresher for seasoned veterans.



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Serview and Efecte shared webinar on agile itsm

Agile Service Management - Finally a topic in ITIL?

Today, your Service Management has to be able to quickly adapt to new challenges and work in harmony with the business. Is ITIL framework able to adapt to the needed change?  

webinar with Ultimate ai - AI at Service desks

Intelligent ITSM: The Future of AI-Powered Service Desks

AI-powered Service Desks – Yes, please! AI-power will allow service desks to cut costs, scale output and boost service experience. Join our webinar.

HRSM webinar 600_350px

Employee Experience 2.0: People Analytics meets HR Service Delivery

People Analytics meets HR Service Delivery – how transparency and data can boost the role of HR departments and help to retain key talent.


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Forget about customers - fail with digitalization

Milla Kuosmanen, Efecte VP Customer Success

In order to succeed with your digitalization agenda, you need to know your customers and take control of your services. Milla covers real-life examples of international successes of combining digitalization and customer experience, and highlights three steps to sure failure. 



Service Catalogue 2020

Peter Schneider, Efecte Chief Product Officer

Peter discusses four topics you should take into account to future-proof you service catalogue for 2020.  



Interview: the current state of Enterprise Service Management in DACH countries

Peter Schneider, Efecte Chief Product Officer

Peter explains the status quo of Enterprise Service Management in DACH-based companies and what is important when choosing an ESM solution.


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Efecte ITSM

The Efecte IT Service Management solution description will give an in-depth look into the out-of-the-box functions and features of our solution.

Efecte HRSM

The Efecte HR Service Management solution description will give an in-depth look into the out-of-the-box functions and features of our solution.


Efecte IGA

The Efecte Identity Governance and Administration solution description will give an in-depth look into the out-of-the-box functions and features of our solution.

Efecte IDM_IAM

Efecte IDM

The Efecte Identity Management Solution Description will give an in-depth look into the out-of-the-box functions and features of our solution.