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Efecte Business Service Management

Get an Overview of your Business 

Business operations can vary depending on location, industry or size. Efecte Business Service Management is our solution, providing companies with a comprehensive overview of your organization. The solution can manage requests, issues or assets for any resource. Efecte Business Service Management is a dynamic and responsive solution capable of being customized to meet the needs of your organization.

The capability to easily customize views, workflows and more to meet the needs of your business without external assistance puts Efecte Business Service Management in a class of its own. 


Easy to Use

| Intuitive self-service portal using iconography
| Pre-configurable offerings and dashboards


| Simplify reporting and requests to one location
| Collect important information from multiple sectors


| Visual analyzer allows for instant identification of data linkages
| Real-time graphic reports of business operations


| Record and search company information from one location
| Report through the self-service portal and service management tool

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