Financial operations management

Centralize your financial services within a single system!

Financial operations management

Centralize your financial services within a single system!

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    Take your financial services to the next level!

    Improve your operations by reducing your reliance on emails, manual activities, and an ever-growing number of systems and data. Running a Financial Operations Management solution on Efecte helps to improve your financial processes by providing improved reporting, categorization, and visibility into operations.

    Democratizing Data for All Stakeholders

    Allow internal or external stakeholders to view needed information using static role permissions and traceable temporary access.

    Budgeting, Accounting, and Charging

    Centralize records, automatically calculate KPIs, and gain insight into costs, revenue generated, and your overall performance in real-time.

    Efecte_Visual_Analyzer-Financial_Operations_ Management

    Review financial data with our visual analyzer tool.

    Financial Budgeting Planning Assessments

    Manage all of your budgets from one location.

    Invoice Monitoring and Management

    Manage service requests by integrating your invoicing system. Create dedicated service requests surrounding payment and invoice requests.

    Invoice monitoring dashboard

    Monitor your financial operations data with dashboards.

    Why Should You Choose Efecte?

    unified financial operations management reports efecte


    Unified Real-Time Reporting and Auditing

    Create unified views, graphs, dashboards, and Kanban boards that will automatically filter the information based on the user's department, team, roles, or subordinates.

    Simplified and Touchless Service Delivery

    Use our self-service portal, workflow automation engine, and automated emails to handle requests without a single interaction from anyone within your financial department.



    unified financial operations management reports efecte


    Streamlined Payments, Purchasing, and Request Processing

    Provide employees with a flexible, user-friendly self-service portal to reduce emails, phone calls, and collect the needed information.

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