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Our cloud-based service management solutions have already helped several Service Providers grow their business. 

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When Perfect Service is Your Core Business

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"We had a collection of 10 different systems. Now Istekki operates only 2 main systems: Efecte and another integrated system for invoicing."

Kristo Jokela, Customer Service Director, Istekki

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Service Providers - Efecte is at your service!

We help you grow your business

We help you grow your business

In today's tough global competition you need to be able to innovate new services to your customers and to expand your business to new verticals.

We help you manage any service process with full transparency

We help you manage any service process with full transparency

A modern service provider manages both internal and external services with unified tools and automates routine work. You need visibility to SLAs and bottle-necks.

We help you delight your users

We help you delight your users

In order to help your customers succeed, you need to provide them with tools that are easy to deploy, easy to configure and offer a consumer-like user experience.

Five Common challenges that your customers need you to fix

No matter whether you are a Managed Service Provider offering IT outsourcing or a Business Service Provider helping your customers with their finances, HR, or facilities, your business is all about offering services that allow your customers to focus on their core.
However, many service providers struggle to deliver a streamlined, process-driven service that is fully customizied to the client's needs - without having to spend time and resources on manually adapting each variable process. This can lead to your business falling short, as you are unable to keep up with the need for change and innovation. 
Efecte offers you the technical agility and our experience to detect and solve your customers' challenges, five of the most common ones we have listed here: 

1. Invoicing Hours
Do you struggle with a poor time-logging system? See how to always and easily process all hours from an invoicing perspective.

2. Reporting
How do you measure your SLAs?

3. Manual Operations
How much time do you spend on manual  and time-consuming operations?

4. Lack of visibility
Do you have a transparent view on all your data and how can your customers follow-up on their requests?

5. Missed business potential
Are you able to analyze service profitability and detect new service needs or potential?

To learn more about these challenges and how to overcome them read our guide for Service Providers.

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Become a Solution-Centric Service Provider

By building a soluton-centric operation you will be default improve your entire business. Each department will benefit from the process improvements that come with deploying a platform which simplifies and unifies the way you serve your customer base.

Accuracy - Innovation - Contract Connections - Automation - Self-Service - Transparency - Profitability - Innovation ... they all serve one central purpose: customer care!

8 building blocks to become a solution-centric service provider with Efecte


To learn more about the 8 building blocks and why they are important read our guide for Managed Service Providers.
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Why Adopt Efecte as a Solution Partner?

We want to help you become the best possible value provider for your customers

As a business, you want to not only simplify and speed up your internal operations, but also create genuine value for your customers. You want to be able to offer insight cost-efficiency and excellent customer service at every level - because this is what helps you delight and retain your customers from one project to the next. 

How Efecte Supports your Business Roles

Every Employe
Employee reporting hours shouldn't need to know whether or not the work is billable, what the price of the billable work is, or which contract or project to link their work with.

Efecte's service management platform will manage all these factors in the background, using automations.

Your Sales Team

Efecte enables your sales team to rapidly create agreements, log billing, and add customer satisfaction records. Everything is based on services and service entities, which can be imported directly into any current project.

A wide scope of visibility tools also help your team to spot new sales opportunities as they arise. 

A seamless flow between departments and teams increases the efficiency of the entire business. With Efecte, every task is clearly linked to the correct contracts and services through automation.

It is easier and faster than ever to monitor the work done and ensure billing accuracy.

Business Leaders
Efecte boosts your ability to lead the business effectively, as all operational data is directly reportable in clear entities. This includes data from the perspective of service ideas from customers, teams, or experts.

Efecte's incorporated management tools will ensure your operational environment is always in line with the business.
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