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Efecte Identity Management (IDM) is the application for centralized identity management and role-based access management (RBAC). It enables automation of the entitlement processes and provides business-centric services for managing the lifecycle of identities.

The solution introduces a configurable entity model, allowing customers to start with a simple role-based model for identity management while still being able to scale to a multi-tenant setup by grouping access rights and multiple identities for a single legal person.

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Multi-Representation Identity Management

Manage identities from a central location and link people to one or multiple organizations, departments and role groups.

| Multi-representation of a legal person in several identities
| Advanced, configurable entity model
| Included organizations, service agreements, services, roles and permissions
| Easy-to-use wizard-based identity data management
| Fine-grained access management of identity management functions
| Automated provisioning of identity data from and to the Active Directory
| Modern REST API access to identity data


Role-Based Access Management

| Fine-grained access management easily allowing thousands of permissions
| Life-cycle management of any access right assigned to an identity
| Access rights grouping according to roles and responsibilities
| Access rights orchestration from ITSM tools through REST API


| Synchronize identity data with the active directory
| Over 100 in-built permissions included


| Differentiate between internal and external employees
| Group permissions to roles


| Fine-grained audit logs on a customizable level
| Scheduled and automated audit reports

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