Identity and Access Management

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Identity and access management systems can simplify or hinder organizations digitalization project. Learn more about our solutions surrounding IAM and see which one suits your exact needs.


Our Solutions

Efecte IGA_IAM

Identity Governance and Administration

| Simplifies adding, removing, reviewing and reporting user access rights
| Unparalleled automation of approval chains, fulfillment and provisioning
| Enhances compliance safeguards addressing segregation of duties
| User-centric interface to simplify user request and reporting
| Expandable to include IT, HR or any other business services
Efecte IDM_IAM

Identity Management

| Multi-representation of a legal person
| Fine-grained access management of identity management functions
| Synchronize identity data with the active directory
| Modern REST API access to identity data
| Included organizations, service agreements, services, roles and permissions

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