Efecte Identity and Access Management 

Improve visibility and traceability of identities and access rights with Europe's best SaaS IAM.

Efecte Identity and Access Management IAM

Add Agility and Simplify Your IAM System

In a services-driven world that’s increasingly digital and intelligent, where experience rules, local is the new global, and compliance is non-negotiable. Efecte’s IAM solution is the perfect tool for automated and compliant Identity and Access Management working seamlessly with all enterprise services. Efecte IAM provides organizations prebuilt workflow automation, real-time governance capabilities, and user self-service for identity and access requests, through the use of our Identity Governance and Administration baseline. Dramatically increasing the speed of IAM administration processes.

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Add the Features You Need with Add-ons

Discover our add-ons, including Attribute-based Access Rights, to improve onboarding by provisioning multiple access rights based on a single attribute and Toxic Combination Management, to streamline your segregation of duties controls (SOD Controls).


Toxic Combination Management

Ensure system security by limiting the combination of certain user access rights.

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attribute-based-access rights

Attribute-Based Access Rights

Simplify on-boarding by provisioning access rights based on user attributes.

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Why Efecte is the Best IAM Solution

Efecte IAM Processes

A Single Solution for Every IAM Process

Efecte IAM is a business-centric solution simplifying entitlement processes, identity lifecycles, provisioning, and fulfillment.

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Efecte IAM Workflow

Developable to Meet Future Needs

Efecte IAM is designed using industry standards and best practices to streamline and automate processes while remaining flexible enough to fit any organization’s current and future needs.

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Efecte IAM Self-Service Portal

Flexibly Adapt to Business Needs

Efecte IAM can incorporate service and processes from other business areas such as HR or IT to create a unified system.

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Efecte IAM Request

Easily Be Taken Into Use

Efecte IAM incorporates an easily configured self-service portal allowing offerings to be created or modified to meet exact needs.

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Efecte IAM Lifecycle

Systematic Installation and Expansion

Efecte IAM allows you to easily deploy approval chains, offerings, user roles, and add basic restrictions without limiting future expansions or developments.

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"In 2018, we planned to recruit 1,000 new employees, making easy on- and off-boarding essential. In the past, requests were made with several platforms but now everything is done using Efecte."

Petri Nieminen, ICT Manager, Valmet Automotive

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