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We have the exact tools that you need to manage any service, automate any process, and, delight your users.

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Kanban Board - Empowering Agile Teams

Help teams succeed by giving them a solution which combines automation and kanban.

The New Standard for Agile Service Management

Efecte's Kanban Board adds a new level of transparency to any process, team, or operation. Allow anything from IT to enterprise services or even the CMDB to viewed from a new angle. Our fully integrated Kanban Board view allows any user to create a Kanban board view using any information within the service management tool.

  • Give your team a truly versatile solution and watch what they can do. Our Kanban board allows any process, or task to become agile, not just incidents and tasks.

  • Boost teamwork by increasing visibility. Allow every member to visually see tasks that need to be completed, are in progress or have been recently completed.

  • Improve experiences across your team through self-organization. Allow members to select their tasks instead of being reliant on managers, workflows, or another means for assignments.

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What makes Efecte's Kanban board different?


Agile meets Automation

Supercharge output and agile through a fully integrated workflow engine and Kanban board.


Make any Service Agile

Create a Kanban board from any template to include the exact information you need to manage any service.


Personal Kanban Boards

Everyone can create a Kanban board to simplify tasks, improve visibility and organization.

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Visual Workflow Automation - Simplifying Workflows

Streamline services and reduce manual labor by creating automation for any process or task.

Take your Automations to the Next Level

Your team is bombarded with requests, questions, and incidents daily. Help alleviate some of the more time-consuming tasks if not entire processes. Our Visual Workflow Automation makes creating, monitoring, and developing workflows easy through the included nodes and drag-and-drop design.

  • Utilize your teams full potential by having them only focus on unique or difficult tasks.

  • Improve end-user experiences by keeping them in the loop by sending automated updates of their requests and incidents.

  • Better manage your team's tasks by adding advanced filtering to incidents, questions, and requests based on any attribute.  

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What makes Efecte's visual workflow automation different?


Make Developments Safer

Check out and import workflows between environments for testing.


Easily Create Automations

Create the workflows you need with our drag-and-drop workflow engine.


Instantly Review Statuses 

Check if a workflow is running, canceled, finished or has an error.

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Visual Analyzer - Providing New Insights

Get a better insight by viewing all of the linkages between items, people, services, and more.

Get a Complete Look into Anything at Once

Issues are quickly becoming increasingly complex as services, processes, and items become even more interconnected. Efecte's Visual Analyzer is the perfect tool to gain complete insight into these linkages. Instantly see which services, people, or items are connected; expand an issue or dive deeper by simply selecting what else you need to see.

  • Quickly diagnose the effect of an outage or incident. Review all of the items, services, and people linked with the effected item.

  • Simplify the processes of reviewing service delivery chains to identify potential issues or bottlenecks and solve them before they become critical.

  • Create and review advanced organizations charts that show the people, services, and items within a department to make resourcing easier. 

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What makes Efecte's visual analyzer different?


Simplifying Processing

Open any selected data card with one-click to review the details or edit the information.


Manage Anything

Any user can open Visual Analyzer for any data card in the service management tool.


Intuative User Experience

Expand or reduce cards by double-clicking or using the control pannel.

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