Efecte Virtual Coach

AI to Empower your Service Desk

Efecte Virtual Coach - AI for Efecte - 2022

Utilizing data with AI in Service Desk

Inform and empower - augment your service team with AI

Boost your service team’s efficiency. Efecte’s Virtual Coach is an AI-powered assistance feature that enables your support agents to:

- Help your customers faster
- Spend less time on routine issues
- Tackle complex issues with comprehensive information


Thirty minutes is all you need to begin harnessing your existing data more effectively.

View the live demo and discover the capabilities of your AI-augmented team.

efecte vico video


Want to see a live demo?

AI-power your Efecte data

Automatically classify tickets, and find and reuse relevant data

Gain effortless access to data from knowledge bases and past cases

Strengthen human interaction between support agents and customers

Virtual Coach augments your team – it does not replace them

Useful resources - tap into the power of AI

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How do I get started with Efecte’s Virtual Coach?

Efecte’s Virtual Coach is a modular, plug-in solution for Efecte’s Service Management systems.
Its AI is fuelled by the very same data you are already creating and analyzing.

As an existing user of Efecte’s services, you get started in no time. You need only train Virtual Coach’s AI in your team’s ways of working. Where are you losing the most time when handling support cases? Where is the relevant information stored? This information helps configure Virtual Coach.

Training the AI takes half an hour at most and doesn’t require any downtime for the environment. Your data never leaves your environment and is processed in the same secure infrastructure as the rest of Efecte’s service.