Digitalize and Automate 2022 – What awaits you this year

Digitalize and Automate 2022 – What awaits you this year

Wow, what a year it's been...

Not yet recovered from the global pandemic, we've been continuously stunned by world events. It seems that everyone around has the same question in mind: "What to expect next?" Well, I believe that by now we've all been hardened enough to withstand anything. In a time when nothing is certain, why not focus on something that really depends on us, and that will actually change our future regardless of the external factors?

We have previously talked about the importance of digitalization and automation. However, this year it has gained new urgency. In our extraordinary times, digitalization and automation represent the key to security that is so widely sought - both by businesses and employees.


A key to competitive advantage


As people we feel secure when there is consistency and reliability in our lives. For businesses, digitalization and automation can bring sustainable competitive advantage. How? When business processes are digitalized and automated, they are carried out in a consistent manner, and they produce reliable and high-quality outcomes every time.

What we've seen over the past months is a perfect example of how quickly the world can change nowadays, and in order to thrive, businesses have to be able to adjust their directions rapidly to the outer forces. There is no better way to ensure this other than digitizing and automating the repetitive and time-consuming tasks. But, how to make it happen? And, if you already have, how to take it to the next stage?

Our annual event Digitalize and Automate is a huge call to action for European companies. This year, apart from addressing the topics of digitalization and automation, we will also focus on how to re-design work to meet the needs of a new era.

An industry-leading event

Digitalize and Automate 2022 will take place on September 27th and 28th on a virtual event platform. The last year's event turned out to be the biggest event in the history of Efecte, and this year we are determined to break the record!


Not only we have invited the key figures in the European business world, but also prepared a surprise speaker who will leave everyone astonished. You can expect 2 days full of eye-opening and thought-provoking keynotes, which you can then use as a step-by-step guide to securing your business and implementing the digitalization and automation principles.

2 Jam-packed days

Digitalize & Automate 2022 brings together thought leaders, service management enthusiasts, and students on a path to enabling better companies and workplaces. We at Efecte have now started the countdown for the event – it is only 6 weeks away.

On Day 1of the event, we’ll explore how digitalization and automation to help organizations operate more efficiently and achieve their growth targets. With our core values being tested as the economic environment gets tougher, how can we draw on European innovation to support sustainable growth and prosperity – both in our own organizations and around the world?


On Day 2 you will discover how Efecte is helping organizations across Europe to re-design work to meet the needs of a new era. How can you deliver the next-generation user experience that digital natives expect? How can you embed AI into your work processes to increase efficiency? How can you protect your key assets – like digital identities and digital services – in the age of hybrid working? And how can you choose the right deployment model for your organization?


The event will be a must-attend if you are interested in:

  • Delivering a modern user experience, with user-centric design and conversational interfaces
  • Driving better productivity in self-service and agent-side use cases with AI-based automation
  • Reducing risk and speed time to value with a new approach to Identity Governance and Administration
  • Enriching IT processes with deep visibility into all of your IT assets
  • Preventing cyber threats and enabling the safe use of technologies and data
  • Assessing how the European Cloud meets the needs of a changing market environment
  • Leveraging an agile integration ecosystem to catalyze business flexibility and time-to-market


Job opportunities for students

With each year we want to maximize our impact and give our audience what they need when they need it. This year we want to let students pick their future careers within digitalization and automation.

At the event, we will discuss the various career opportunities available in a growing tech industry and host walk-in interviews where anyone can pitch themselves to Efecte and our event partners and get a suitable job or internship opportunity.

It's worth the time!

In our world, two days might seem like a big investment, but in this case, it will definitely pay off! Everyone at Efecte has done their best to ensure that this year's event will be better than ever.


As the event is fully digital, you can watch it in any place ... and at any time! That's right, you can watch the show later at your convenience if you happen to miss the live event. 


Now, take a look at the agenda and get ready!


Are you with me this year?


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 Steffan Schumacher

COO @ Efecte. As the COO I am responsible for Efecte’s go-to-market strategy and field operations. This includes all of the customer journey from sales, marketing, customer success and support. My passion is to digitalize the customer journey and make Efecte the European Alternative to all of global players in the Service Management space. We help our European customers to digitalize and automate their services!

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