Efecte releases Efecte Chat for Service Management - a chat solution to solve common IT issues

Efecte releases Efecte Chat for Service Management - a chat solution to solve common IT issues

Helsinki, September 27th, 2022 – Today, Efecte, the European alternative for cloud-based service management, has launched Efecte Chat for Service Management during its annual Digitalize and Automate event. Efecte Chat for Service Management brings faster problem solving for people needing IT support and IT support personnel alike. In the near future, Efecte Chat will be evolved with advanced AI, natural language processing and voicebot technology to enable even faster self-service and a conversational service experience. 


Efecte Chat for Service Management is the first integrated product as a result of Efecte’s acquisition of the Conversational AI company InteliWISE. The two companies are now ready to launch the product for first pilot customers. Efecte Chat for Service Management streamlines support requests and tickets in to one solution, and is integrated with the Efecte Service Management platform. Efecte Chat for Service Management provides unified solution including chatbot and live chat integrated with Efecte’s Self-service and Agent UI’s. 

Less clicks, more automation - a conversational experience means faster solutions to IT problems 

Efecte Chat for Service Management brings an IT support chatbot to Efecte which enables  human-to-human chat conversations. Many IT issues are ones that users can solve themselves, but need guidance - like resetting passwords, finding the Wi-Fi password, and updating software. Efecte Chat for Service Management gives users tips on how to solve the issue themselves based on given information, resulting in faster problem solving and better user satisfaction. Efecte Chat for Service Management also reduces IT support's workload, since the requests and ticketing can be done with one software and interface. This, in addition to the more efficient IT self-service problem solving, enables IT support to focus on issues that need more of their attention. 

Efecte Chat for Service Management is a hybrid solution which combines a live chat with light chatbot, designed to resolve IT issues in real time and communicates via chat to employees while resolving IT issues. 

In the upcoming months, Efecte Chat for Service Management will evolve with advanced AI capabilities. This will include for example AI Voicebots, that are still rare in B2B customer support, and will enable users to call and talk with the AI-powered digital customer service. Going forward, Efecte’s vision is to develop a full-scale “digital assistant” that guides and helps users in a predictive manner - even identifying and helping with issues before they occur, with more personalized and conversational experience.  

“Our mission is help people to digitalize and automate their work with exceptional experience. Being able to identify and solve potential IT issues faster, in a conversational and human-like way using modern technology, is key in making organizations more effective. In addition, this is crucial technology to help meet the market’s needs for employee satisfaction and talent retention. This is an important step forward in executing our strategy, and exactly what we designed Efecte Chat for. The upcoming AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing) features will continue to enhance the solution. Overall InteliWISE’s modern conversational AI technology management tools create a strong platform which connects business with people. It is built and operated in Europe – in line with our vision to become the leading European alternative in our space,” says Santeri Jussila, Chief Product Officer at Efecte. 

“Employees are increasingly using chat in their professional communications, the same way as they switch from calling to messengers and texting in their private life. As a consequence, chat is becoming a preferred channel for business communications. Today's service desks choose to deliver live chat and chatbot tools to help employees to self-help with their issues, in real time, with zero-wait time on calls. This trend will speed up the automation and digitalization of today’s workspace and create a better, smoother employee experience,” continues Marcin Strzalkowski, CEO at InteliWISE. 


Santeri Jussila 
CPO, Efecte  
+358 50 487 1915 


About Efecte:  

Efecte helps people to digitalize and automate their work. Customers across Europe leverage our cloud service to operate with greater agility, to improve the experience of end-users, and to save costs. The use cases for our solutions range from IT service management and ticketing to improving employee experiences, business workflows, and customer service. We are the European Alternative to the global goliaths in our space. Our headquarters is located in Finland and we have regional hubs in Germany, Poland, Spain and Sweden. Efecte is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland marketplace. 



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