Cloud-based Service Management

Digitalize and automate any service - effectively and effortlessly - with an investment that makes sense.

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We help our customers daily with the digitalization of all of their enterprise service management systems, ranging from ITSM to HRSM and even IAM.


We have been developing and deploying service management systems that are flexible enough to meet any business need that can easily be integrated almost anywhere.

We are experts in deploying cloud-based service management systems from a single platform with almost 10 years of experience focusing on SaaS.

Service Management for Europe, from Europe

As the European Alternative to global players, we believe awesome software can be designed, developed, and operated in Europe. We understand the unique requirements surrounding legislation and data privacy in Europe. We believe in building lasting relationships with all of our customers based on trust, respect, collaboration based on European culture. We provide our customers with a SaaS platform deployable in a public or a private cloud environment in your country.


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