Enterprise Contract Management

Enterprise Contract Management

Contract Management Benefits:

| Record Contracts in a central location
| Manage access and protects information
| Better understand interconnections
| Be reminded of contract renewals
Automate approval processes
Ensure Compliance

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Enterprise Contract Management Software

Enterprise Contract Management software is faster, allow better-defined accesses, eliminate last-minute panic before contract renewals, and enable better auditing of who has been viewing documents. When using an enterprise contract management software, you will create a single point of record for every contract, automate archiving and user logging, create email notifications for key dates such as deadlines, and formalize approval flows.

Benefits of using Efecte for Contract Approvals

| Replicate your exact approval chain without any compromises.

| Automatic escalations based on the contract price, type, or location.

| Send automated alerts to approvers to decrease reaction time.

| Store approvals with contracts and as dedicated files to improve security.

Enterprise Contract Management Approvals (1)


Benefits of using Efecte for Contract Records

| Use roles to ensure access without compromising security.

| Create logs of every modification or even view of a  data card in Efecte.

| Build multi-level folders to manage similar or related documents.

| Monitor and modify role permissions in real-time to simplify auditing.

Enterprise Contract Management Security

Benefits of using Efecte for Contract Notifications

| Automate alerts based on information recorded with the contract.

Include multiple alerts for the same or different dates.

| Use if/then clauses to stop alerts after needed actions are taken.

| Create notification groups for projects or departments.

Enterprise Contract Management Alerts

What's Included with Enterprise Contract Management?

Enterprise Contract Management-Efecte

Centralized Document Repository

Create a central repository to simplify contract document storage, access, and storage of critical contract information, surrounding relevant parties, information, relationships, and linked contracts. View and review the links between all of the related items and assets with our Visual Contract Analyzer tool.

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Efecte Enterprise Contract Management ECM Kanban board

Agile Contract Task Manager

Simplify task management by using our Kanban board view to easily manage the required steps relating to creating, renewing, reviewing, or editing contracts.

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Efecte Enterprise Contract Management ECM Custom Dashboard

Enterprise Contract Management Analytics Tools

Get insights into key areas of your contracts and their statuses with the use of calendar views, graphic views, and list views. Individual users can create any view they need and combine them into dashboards by dragging them into place.

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Efecte Enterprise Contract Management ECM Workflow Engine

Powerful Workflow Automation Engine

Build workflows to automate individual tasks or entire processes using pre-configured, drag-and-drop nodes. Our workflow engine makes it easy for any enterprise to improve its contract management process.

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Digitalize and Automate your Work

We offer cloud-based software that helps organizations digitalize and automate their work from simple ticketing and self-service to company-wide process optimization, helping you to digitalize and automate your work. Thanks to the versatility of the Efecte platform, organizations can manage a variety of services and processes.


Modernize Your IT

Designing, planning, delivering, and operating IT services can be complicated. Receiving and processing employee incidents and requests can be a time-consuming endeavor. By implementing a comprehensive solution that digitalizes and automates your services, you can dramatically improve your organization's efficiency and throughput.

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Simplify Customers Interactions

Excellent customer service is no longer a differentiator, but a necessity. It is essential to implement customer-specific, automated workflows to delight your customers effectively.

Our Solutions for Customer Service

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Streamline Employee Services

Employee experience and retention are quickly becoming a key priority for every organization. HR departments are looking to re-organize, centralize, and automate repetitive questions to allow their team to focus on developing transformational projects instead of simple requests.

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Centralize Your Business Operations

The amount of information, processes, and systems used through an organization's departments are quickly expanding in scale and complexity. The need for a central and integrated system to manage all of the data and processes surrounding these services is quickly becoming critical.

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Enterprise Contract Management is a Community Solution which includes one template with various classes for different enterprise contract management cases. Dedicated classes store data of the actual contract, both contract parties, confidentiality, relevant dates such as expiry or renewal dates, liabilities, and options.

You can learn more about our solution classifications here ».

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