Efficient management of many types and large number of contracts and agreements.

The Company: Finavia ensures high-quality services at Finnish airports

Finavia is the key service provider for the planning and construction of airport infrastructure and airport maintenance at 20 airports in Finland. Finavia continuously strives to provide the best quality of services to its customers and airport passengers. Helsinki-Vantaa is the main airport for transit passengers from all over the world, and the main service point for Finavia.

Both aviation and ground operations, including cargo and logistics at airports, are tightly regulated to ensure the safety of passengers. It is elemental for Finavia to meet all the regulatory requirements without compromising the smooth and enjoyable experience for airline passengers.

The Challenge: Regulation requires contracts and agreements

To meet the quality standards, all outsourced services need to be well specified and monitored in a verifiable manner. This requires detailed service level agreements and business contracts between parties. Finavia has identified several contract types of which some divide into further subcategories. The number of contracts handled annually is very high. 
External and internal auditing of operations means that the contracts must be made available to inspection if needed. Therefore, the contract management processes must be refined and have a solid system to support them.

“The basic structure of Efecte is simple and easy to onboard. Managing all the contracts we have passing through the system annually is smooth. The system doesn’t duplicate the workload for anybody”.



The Solution: Smooth and safe contract management with Efecte

Finavia has used Efecte as its contact management system for almost a decade. The organization has been satisfied with how the system meets the needs and requirements in an agile way. “The basic structure of Efecte is simple and easy to onboard. Managing all the contracts we have passing through the system annually is smooth. The system doesn’t duplicate the workload for anybody”, points out Finavia’s IT services manager Jari Kinnunen.

Because of the quantity alone, Finavia needs to have a view of the lifespan of the current contracts. In Efecte, automated alerts signal when certain milestones are reached in a given contract type. It is also possible to customize the alerts for specific needs. This feature ensures that the planning and procurement processes can be started in good time, or if some service pricing milestone is reached and needs to be implemented in budgeting and accounting.

Licenses to Efecte are opened to Finavia staff based on their scope of work. The system is mostly used by persons working in finances and administration. The actual agreements are prepared in other systems and once the contract has been finalized and signed, it is uploaded to Efecte with the relevant and standardized metadata. The contract coordinator gets a notification for the open ticket and may proceed with handling the contract further.

The standard users cannot delete data from the system, which minimizes the risk for human error. The administrators participate in Efecte training, organized by Efecte or Finavia’s Efecte Gold Partner, NotkiaIT. “The configuration of Efecte is straightforward and the user interface is very simple. The system is very easy to onboard with a more experienced colleague”, says Sami Skogberg, NotkiaIT consultant. “There is a continuous, regular dialogue between Finavia and us to ensure that the system meets any new needs the customer might have. When we meet to discuss Efecte related topics, the administrators also exchange good practices and tips.” Also, the contract coordinators in charge of the processes are being regularly trained.

Jari Kinnunen reminds that when choosing a system, it is essential to know what it will be used for. “Finavia’s contract management processes run really smoothly. For the procurement of the system, we did our homework well and thought all the processes related to the contracts through. With the groundwork carefully done, the specifications for choosing between the competing bids were thus clear. Efecte has been a high-quality supplier: We made a really good choice a decade ago. It’s good to keep going with it.”

The Benefit

  • Automated reminders of contract lifespan milestones
  • Clear and simple user interface that supports the actual processes
  • Efficient solution for managing a large number of contracts.


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