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About PayEx   

PayEx is a Nordic group and a subsidiary of Swedbank, with around 80,000 employees in four countries. The PayEx Group also includes Swedbank Pay, a payment system for retailers and online shops. Since its creation, PayEx has been at the forefront of its activities. Today, PayEx is the leading specialist in billing and financial services in the Nordic countries. PayEx's main activities are invoicing, accounting, collection, credit management and finance.  

Towards the service management of the future

In five years, PayEx has built a digitalized, modern and efficient service management system that automates the workflow of several support processes.  

PayEx was looking for a new service management system to replace the old one. They wanted to find a system that would meet their future needs and support processes other than IT. They also needed to get a working support system quickly.

After a thorough market survey, they chose Efecte.  

"We looked at many different solutions and finally chose Efecte. The combination of functionality and price made the difference," says Rickard Berghede, System Owner and Business Developer, PayEx.   


"With Efecte, we have created more than 40 workflows and digitized 14 processes."

Rickard Berghede

System Owner and Business Developer, PayEx

A modern and efficient support process

The implementation of Efecte's IT service management solution at PayEx has increased flexibility in service management and facilitated internal collaboration and information sharing. PayEx has integrated more business functions into Efecte. At the same time, the user experience has improved across the organization.  


"The flexibility of the platform and the intuitiveness of the user interface are of great importance. It has also given me the skills and knowledge to independently digitalize and develop processes," says Rickard Berghede 

"We can digitalize so much more"

PayEx now has a functioning service request management system that helps to handle emails and incidents efficiently. Once PayEx realized that Efecte made it possible to digitalize most workflows and processes, things moved quickly.   

"We built a workflow for recurring requests ourselves, which increased measurability and thus facilitated our overall management. From this, we realized that we could digitalize much more - everything from the automation of badges and authorizations to continuous improvement processes and risk management models. With Efecte, we have been able to create more than 40 business models and digitalize 14 processes," says Rickard Berghede 

Thanks to digitalization and workflow automation, Efecte now manages more PayEx than originally planned.  

"Digitalizing workflows is really easy. One example is contract processes, where each new contract becomes an object that can be linked to checklists. We are currently implementing automation, which is predicted to speed up processing times from thirty minutes to just two minutes thanks to automated checks. We now control our own work, our support processes and their analysis."

How will work with Efecte continue?

PayEx is positive about the Efecte partnership. PayEx wants to continue to develop and modernize processes together with Efecte, including the development of reporting to Power BI. Rickard Berghede's answer comes quickly to the question of why the collaboration has been successful. It is a combination of expertise and commitment!


"I recognize good expertise at Efecte. Efecte has managed to retain excellent experts who are committed to their work", concludes Rickard Berghede. 


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