Service Request Management

Providing employees with the necessary tools to complete their daily tasks is essential for any organization. This process can be improved through the use of a central and easy-to-use location with clear approval processes. Service request management centralization will help to reduce approval, processing and delivery times, improving organizational efficiency.

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Efecte ITSM & Service Request Management

Service desks can easily be overwhelmed by emails, updates, and requests for devices and services. Using self-service portals can help improve overall user and manager experience by centralizing and simplify these processes. Efecte ITSM includes a mobile-first customizable self-service portal to provide uses with an easy to use location to make any requests regardless of their device. All of these requests are managed by the service desk using list views, custom dashboards, or Kanban boards. Managers can improve processing by incorporating workflow automation to tasks or entire processes and review key metrics and KPI's such as SLA's, feedback, and processing times for every stage of deliveries.

Manage service requests through an easy to use self-service portal

Simplify service requests by automating the entire process

Channel requests to the appropriate service personnel based on the type

Instantly review requests with real-time tracking across the entire enterprise

Create flexible reports across all service requests

Limit request availability based on user roles

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