The perfect tool for everyday life - How ISS uses Efecte

ISS is the world's leading provider of Integrated Facility Services and ISS Palvelut Oy is the leading player in its field in Finland. Global operations enable ISS to provide consistent services to multinational clients in their offices in different countries. ISS is also a pioneer in IT Service Management (ITSM). In addition to ITSM, the Efecte collaboration has emphasized the use of service management throughout the organization in other functions and business operations. ISS recognizes and uses the potential of Enterprise Service Management to their benefit as well. 

ISS has 8000 employees served by Efecte. The system has a total of 120 admins in IT, other functions and business units. The requirements of mobile workers are a key focus of ISS operations. Services need to be accessible while on the move. In mobile work, ERP systems are used to supervise the work. While on the go, support services are available through a form portal.


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What is Efecte used for?

Efecte is used for example in IT services, customer service, HR services, catering services, contract management, safety team, well-being team, WorkISS, FMS support teams, P2P processes, application access requests, and start-up services.


The ISS asset management is handled in Efecte and works seamlessly as part of the service management processes. In the future, this collaboration will be extended to include the processing of onboarding data and the management of quotations and feedback. Integration and reporting will also be further developed. 

“Efecte was initially an IT tool, with the initial introduction of ticketing and service management functionality. The use of Efecte was scaled up through ISS function by function.”

Tuomo Koski

Solution Architect, ISS

How did you extend the use of Efecte from IT service management to other functions in the organization?

According to Koski, the Efecte platform sold itself. What helped was the IT department’s positive experience with Efecte, which allowed the benefits of centralization to be widely recognized within the organisation. It was recognized that in an organization like ISS, there would be significant business benefits from automating basic functionalities. Once the service had been deployed once, knowledge of a platform that worked well was spread internally.  "It made sense to start automating with a proven and reliable tool," says Koski. 

Koski says other functions have also taken the bold step of automating their processes. They know how to sell process models internally and know what has been done in other functions. The organization's expertise and good internal interaction enable rapid development. 

"The organization's courage and fearless attitude to try new things has enabled the wider use of Efecte also in the digitalization of non-IT business processes," says Jenni Heinisuo, CIO at ISS Palvelut Oy, and continues: 

"Due to the high business volume of ISS, we had to find ways to save working time, reduce lead times and reduce errors." 

"The success of scaling up was due to a well-designed service structure that was easy to replicate in different parts of the operation. ISS has a number of teams using Efecte and a number of functionalities that have been exploited. Individual use cases have also been built from waste transfer forms to memos," Koski adds.

"The advantage of Efecte is its easy configurability, which allows the service to be made agile and self-designing. With minimal changes, we were able to implement an HR service with a strong focus on data protection in the onboarding processes. Other services also handle a significant amount of confidential data. The advantage of Efecte is that it is Finnish. There is a trust that data protection and security issues are in order," says Koski. 

How is Efecte used?

ISS also utilizes numerous cross-team functionalities. Services are integrated sequences that run through the organization. "With everyone using Efecte, it's easy to transfer a service request to the right person within Efecte. Guidance is improved through the form portal," says Koski, explaining the use of Efecte in more detail. “Nowadays, it is more natural for our workers to use digital services and ticketing. We still use email services, but also they are automated." 

Occupational safety team 

The Occupational Safety Team's use of Efecte is still a fairly recent example. The team uses Efecte to handle and report on safety incidents while keeping an incident log on the system.  


One of the main functionalities built into Efecte is the monthly internal financial notes. The memos are used for accounting purposes and also to transfer expenses between teams. Digital forms are stored in Efecte. Efecte is linked to software robots, which are used to build interfaces with the ERP system. All information can be found in one place. An audit trail remains in Efecte and it is possible to check in Efecte what notes have been made, when and by whom. 


The Omena proposal is used to announce an employee of the month in the self-service portal, from where the announcement is passed on within the organization for approval and processing in Efecte. After approval, the Omena proposal is passed to the ERP system and finally to the payroll. The reward model is an automated process from start to end. 

WorkISS - support service for supervisors

In the front office support service, WorkISS, digital forms have been implemented for simple, prioritized categories. The helpdesk is accessible to all. "We are trying to get everyone in the organization to use WorkISS," says Heinisuo.  

Given the high volume of support requests received by the front line, it is crucial to have a tool that guides and automates the process. Efecte's service level management is used to prioritize urgent issues. Functionalities have been built, for example, for payroll and time stamping.

Transfer documents for waste transport 

Following last year's change in EU legislation, waste shipments to sorting stations must be reported to the authorities. ISS was looking for the most user-friendly solution possible to ensure the necessary reporting in the cumbersome official register. Now, drivers can easily create the forms on their smartphones using form templates implemented in Efecte. The fields on the form contain the mandatory information required for the administrative register. A copy of the form is sent to the sorting office and the data is sent to the administrative register.  

Filling out the form is easy and transfer to the systems has been made a shopping-cart-like experience. Heinisuo says: "Difficult usability can easily lead to bypassing the process and therefore particular attention has been paid to ease of use. Before the introduction of the register of public authorities, paper forms were used, which was cumbersome and time-consuming. Now the whole process has been fully digitalized to meet the requirements of the authorities." 

Notification of a property alarm 

ISS has supervisory activities nationwide. "Alarm notification was a very typical business need. The important thing about the notification form is that it is specific, i.e. that no essential information is missing," says Koski.   

What kind of tool is Efecte for ISS?

Heinisuo and Koski say Efecte is an agile platform for developing services and automating them. They say that the organization receives development suggestions from all angles.

"The best ones are taken forward. It's not worth developing everything, it's all about volumes. If you have a large enough user base, you will certainly implement it. A lot has been done on the forms side, a lot can still be automated. The work will not stop," promises Koski. 


A service model has been built to meet the needs of the customer. Since Koski started, the collaboration with the consultant in charge from Efecte has been rewarding. The lead consultant has been a "good collaborator" and having a dedicated consultant assigned to ISS has been a big advantage in the partnership. The prioritised support of the Plus support service provides quick help. Regular follow-up meetings are held with the account manager, as well as technology forums in line with the account management model. Koski also praises the good discussion culture.

"Collaboration is nice and allows us to focus on the right things. Development is fast and processes can be built in days," Koski sums up. 

"Efecte is like a Swiss pocketknife and a flexible platform to build different automation processes. The perfect tool for everyday life," Koski concludes. 

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