Helmholtz Munich

Cultural change with ESM - step by step beyond IT

With 2,475 employees, Helmholtz Munich is investigating how diabetes, allergies and chronic lung diseases are triggered by environmental influences. The scientists use the knowledge gained in this way to develop innovative therapeutic approaches and new medicines.

The center also provides scientifically validated information to patients, relatives and interested parties via several online platforms. The aim of Helmholtz is to gain a better understanding of environmental diseases in order to break new ground in diagnostics, therapy and prevention.


The Challenge: Three in One

The biggest challenge for Helmholtz Munich was to find a suitable solution that would not only meet the safety regulations of a research facility, but also provide more harmonization and standardization, less maintenance and operation effort - and thus ensure a more efficient organization, as well as being an affordable option.

It was clear from the outset that a cloud-based platform was required which was not only suitable for customizing customer-oriented processes in IT, but also in other specialist areas.

"Several factors spoke in favor of the efecte platform: its high flexibility, ease of use and high service quality, as well as its manageable costs."


Helmholtz Munich

The Solution: Flexibility

The decision in favor of software operation "as a service" makes sense for Helmholtz Munich both strategically and economically - and is virtually a must due to the ongoing battle for IT specialists. However, some of the data and the knowledge gained from it are particularly worthy of protection and are not allowed to be outsourced. The provision of the new platform in the private cloud was just the right thing for Helmholtz Munich. According to the head of the ITSM team, this is apparently not an (affordable) option for every provider. He also said that flexibility and scalability are "extremely important in the research sector especially".

Thanks to its low-code approach, the Efecte tool was exactly right for this and easily adaptable to the needs of Helmholtz Munich.

According to the team leader, Efecte can be used for many different processes and his team has by no means reached the limits of what is possible with the platform. Helmholtz Munich also benefits from the fact that Efecte offers a comprehensive modular system for interfaces to third-party systems, as they currently use an SAP system in the HR department to implement processes for human resources management.

The Future: ESM

For Helmholtz Munich, the implementation of the self-service system for mobile working was one of the steps on the way to Enterprise Service Management. Above all, the pandemic has greatly increased the need for digital solutions. According to the team leader, the legal regulations in connection with Covid, buzzword "lockdown", have also promoted the realization that digital processes are significantly more effective than paper-based ones.

Two other specialist processes are already mapped in Efecte: the ordering of scientific equipment and the management of inventory disposals. According to the team leader, there is currently no off-the-shelf software solution for highly specialized equipment that cannot simply be disposed of. The team is also working on an efficient solution for employee departures and changes as well as contract management. Efecte enables the comprehensive mapping of these processes from initiation to contract drafting to conclusion, including an audit-proof room for documents.

Important steps and tips from the HMGU ITSM team

Important steps:

  • Identify an "ambassador" to promote the project
  • Find "sponsors" in the specialist department
  • Prove the feasibility in a proof of concept
  • Start with a single process
  • Celebrate the successes appropriately


  • Focus on the strategic goals of the project
  • Define process steps together with the users before starting development
  • Do not underestimate the complexity of such a project
  • Don't focus too much on the technology, take the users with you
    • Change management is a decisive success factor
  • Measure acceptance and react to warning signals

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