Broadening the scope of human resources

Broadening the scope of human resources

Niina Hovi, VP People & Culture at Efecte, considers the wider impact of HR service management across an organization and shares Efecte's experiences of deploying HR Service Management. 

In my previous blog post, I discussed the role of the modern HR department in perfecting the most important ‘moments that matter’ during an employee’s career, while also making the "micro-moments" that affect work satisfaction everyday matter.

Another aspect of the future of HR concerns the way HR teams themselves work.

How does a successful HR team focus on the services delivered, reduce operational costs and improve employee experience and efficiency?

What's cooking inside HR?

The merits of efficiently managed HR services are widely recognized. Analysts have referred to integrated HR service management as having a significant impact on operational efficiency and the employee experience.

Making everyday work less cumbersome for employees enables HR teams to spend more time on strategic, value-adding tasks that benefit the business  – rather than being sucked into repetitive and multi-phase processes.

At Efecte, we wanted to improve the employee experience as well as the efficiency of the HR department - and using our own Efecte HR Service Management (HRSM) tool internally would help us to do both. Having successfully completed the implementation project, we have now been using the tool for a number of weeks and the benefits are already obvious.

Centralizing questions from employees to our HRSM tool has yielded significant improvements in two aspects of everyday work. Firstly, employees know where to go with any HR-related questions/issues, which can be raised at any time. Secondly, these requests can be easily accessed and dealt with by the appropriate person in the HR department based on availability and expertise.

Spending time on what matters to people – and the business

HR is moving towards a future where routine tasks are automated and HR professionals have a project or program development role. Service management solutions have the capacity to reorganize and focus the work of HR teams, enabling these teams to put more effort into transformational projects within their organizations and to act more like advisors on projects aimed at improving workplace culture, the working environment, leadership development, and employee well-being.

These are all areas that will be in an increasing focus for Efecte over the coming years. With the help of our HRSM system, less time is spent working around multiple communication channels. This allows me and my team to focus on the projects that matter to our people and our business – an approach we believe will produce satisfied, healthy, and happy Efectiens.

Real-life experience of our HR Service Management solution

As discussed above, we see the value HR delivers as more of a service. This is an approach we have adopted internally as well as something we deliver to clients. At Efecte, we had reached a point in the evolution of our company where we needed to rethink the ways HR services are offered to our employees as well as how these services are managed in the HR department.

One of the major improvements we were seeking was the ability to collate requests from multiple channels into a single system. Therefore, we decided to start ‘drinking our own champagne’ and implement HRSM internally.

One of the most important elements of a successful HRSM solution implementation is that it should not disrupt the day-to-day work of the team. During a couple of weeks, we spent time with our specialists defining what we wanted to include in the tool and in the user interfaces, and how we wanted our work to flow.

This proved to be an enjoyable journey where we felt like we were in good hands at all times and experienced minimal disruption to the work that needed to go on alongside the implementation project.

In a future post, I will talk more about the impact of using our HR service management tool internally and how it delivers on the expectation of better employee experience and releasing our HR department to spend more time on project-based initiatives that support our people and business.


If you want to know more about the modern world of HR and about Efecte’s solution for HR Service Management, please listen to our “People Analytics meets HR Service Delivery” webinar recording here.

You can also download HR Service Management factsheet for more details about the solution. 

 Niina Hovi

Written By -

VP Culture & People at Efecte

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