Efecte brings GPT capabilities to its service management platform

Efecte brings GPT capabilities to its service management platform

  • First GPT-powered Chat functions available
  • More innovation: development leap for Efecte chatbot
  • More speed: Live generated service responses with just one click

Espoo, May 4th, 2023 – Service chats and ticket solutions are ubiquitous, but still a challenge for customers and service staff due to the high number of requests. Efecte, the European specialist in cloud-based service management, is therefore bringing OpenAI's GPT language model capabilities into its platform to achieve new intelligent ways of improving support staff productivity. As of now, the first GPT-powered features are available within the "Efecte Chat for Service Management" solution and can be tried out by customers.

Customers who already use Efecte Chat for Service Management will receive the new functionalities free of charge upon request. Service agents in particular will benefit from this, as they will receive automatically generated answers to user questions, be able to check them and transmit them to their service customers within the shortest possible time. They are free to decide whether they want to use the GPT answers, expand them or answer the query completely themselves.



"By integrating our GPT-powered Chat, our customers will be able to answer queries even faster and more efficiently than before" says Niilo Fredrikson, CEO of Efecte. "Following the acquisition of AI specialist InteliWISE and its integration into the Efecte platform, we are increasing our pace of innovation: we plan to introduce more GPT-powered features later this year and are exploring and testing our own locally trained and executed language models in parallel."


Advantages of the GPT-powered Chat

Joy to use – The solution is characterized by its ease of use. The service agent can answer customer queries with just one click - without having to specify certain actions or properties beforehand.

Fast – GPT-powered functionalities can be combined with other data from the Efecte platform, such as a workstation model, which will allow even more targeted answers to the end-user.

Privacy ensured – Because requests are made through OpenAI’s API, customer data will not be used to train OpenAI's AI algorithm and thus is not included in responses to requests from other GPT users.

Free and optional – Customers retain full control and are free to decide whether they want to use GPT as part of their existing licenses or forgo this free add-on option. For more information, please visit https://www.efecte.com/platform/chat-for-service-management.


About Efecte

Efecte is the leading European service management platform that helps organizations digitalize and automate service processes. Customers use the cloud software to work more flexibly and efficiently, offer their users better user experiences and reduce costs. With Efecte's platform, they can automate a wide range of different processes - from IT to human resources (HR), finance, customer service and access rights management. The solution is developed, operated and hosted exclusively in Europe. It meets strict EU requirements in terms of security and data protection.


Efecte was founded in 1998 and is listed on Nasdaq First North (ISIN: FI4000282868). Efecte's headquarters are located in Espoo, Finland. The company also operates offices in Germany, Sweden, Spain and Poland. Further information on Efecte's products and services is available at https://www.efecte.com, financial information at https://investors.efecte.com.

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