Efecte launches Community Solutions for its Service Management platform

Efecte launches Community Solutions for its Service Management platform

Starting today, cloud software provider Efecte offers its customers and partners the opportunity to develop and share their own solutions on Efecte‘s Service Management platform in the Efecte Community. With the new way of co-operation, organizations can create individual service processes, adapt low-code workflows from other developers to their needs, and transfer standard functionalities to new business areas with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The big advantage of the approach is that the most frequently requested extensions can be created and adapted more quickly and no longer need to be developed from scratch by every customer. To start with, Efecte is providing its Community with two template packages: one for Enterprise Contract Management and another for Essential Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). The Community Solutions are available immediately and at no additional cost.

"Many organizations have special requirements for their service processes that require a great deal of configurations, but other processes are very similar across organizations. With our Community Solutions, we are now offering customers and partners the opportunity not only to create such individual applications on the Efecte platform but also to adapt existing ones to their own needs or to develop them further together,” says Peter Schneider, Chief Product Officer at Efecte. "Our application ecosystem helps companies save time and money in the face of scarce developer resources and design more extensive applications than they could do when starting from scratch."

Efecte’s Community Solutions can be created agilely with just a few clicks using a graphical user interface. The Community Solutions consist of at least one template and can contain associated low-code workflows and pre-configured reporting templates.

First solutions: Enterprise Contract Management and Essential SAFe

With the community edition of the Enterprise Contract Management solution, organizations can consolidate and manage all their contracts in one central application. They can, for example, receive reminders of termination dates in good time and see at a glance when contracts’ renewal dates are approaching. Those responsible have relevant contract terms at sight and they can control access authorizations in detail. The solution also allows formalizing the approval processes across departments and always provides the current version of a contract.

“We have been happy to see several large global customers already adopting Efecte’s tools for their enterprise-wide contract management.  Now the same solution is even easier to implement with the pre-configured features,” says Peter Schneider. Further information about the Enterprise Contract Management solution can be found here.

With the Essential SAFe solution, organizations can bring their digital Scaled Agile Framework operations into Efecte’s IT Service Management (ITSM) solution without additional cost. The Kanban board included in Efecte’s platform since fall 2019 enables all IT processes including incident, release and project management to be processed more efficiently.  Teams get a better overview of all ongoing activities, have a 360-view of responsibilities, and can trigger automated workflows by moving a task card on the Kanban board. With the Essential Safe and Kanban functionalities of Efecte’s Service Management platform, organizations can structure their service processes according to the proven Kanban principle and manage tasks in a much more agile manner. Further information about the Essential SAFe Community Solution can be found here.


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Chief Product Officer
Efecte Plc
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Efecte is a Finnish software company offering cloud-based Service Management solutions and related supportive professional services. With Efecte’s software, organizations can flexibly manage all internal and external services, for example, an IT, HR or finance department’s services, customer service, and access rights. Efecte is one of the leading software vendors in its field for medium-sized and public organizations in Finland and the Nordic countries. The company was established in 1998 and is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland marketplace. Efecte operates in Finland, Sweden, Germany, and Denmark. www.efecte.com


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