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Simplifying Service Management: Efecte 2020.1

Simplifying Service Management: Efecte 2020.1

The 2020.1 release of the Efecte Platform is now available for all customers. With this release, we are introducing a great deal of new functionality that helps customers to digitalize and automate their business. We have also implemented various features improving the user experience of different stakeholders. We have included a long list of developments aimed at increasing performance and quality.

Key Features from Efecte 2020.1

Service Management Tool

Improved Template Transport Mechanism: To improve user experience and make importing templates simpler and safer, we have now added collision detection. With this improvement, when a new template is imported, the technical codes are checked for collisions. New attributes and classes will be created if needed, and shared classes will be updated if they share the technical code. If an attribute or class is removed from the template and not used by other templates they will be removed from the target system. To reduce the possibility of errors when exporting a template the export will be canceled, and the user will be notified if technical codes are missing. If an error is found when validating an import, the process will be canceled, and the user will be notified of any collisions.

Hovering Over Kanban Cards Shows their Details: To improve the usability of our Kanban board view and maintain consistency with all of our views, we have now added the ability to see the detailed information when hovering over a Kanban card.

Expanded Support of Attribute as Lanes for Kanban Board: In previous releases, we have enabled static strings and references to be used as lane values within our Kanban board view. Now we expanded our Kanban board view to allow any attribute within the template to be used as a lane value except for text fields, external references, and float/ decimal.

Efecte Provisioning Engine

Moving Users to Different Orginization Unites with Workflow Automation: This release enables the moving of users to different Organization Unit (OU) within the Active Directory directly from Efecte’s Service Management Tool through the use of our visual workflow engine. With this development, administrators can create a workflow that will automatically move the user after they have been inactive for a predetermined nnumber of days.

Random First-Time Password Generator: To improve the on-boarding process for both users and managers, we have enabled the creation of a random single-use password for new users. When the new user logs in for the first time with the randomly generated password they will be prompted to enter their new password.

Azure AD Support: To expand the functionality of the Efecte Provisioning Engine (EPE), we have now enabled support for Azure AD. EPE can now read, schedule, and manually run multiple processes in parallel to Azure AD. We have also expanded the orchestration node to allow users to be activated and deactivated in Azure AD.

Self-Service Portal

New Navigation Sidebar: As part of our mobile-first design refresh, we have relocated the navigation sidebar under a drop-down. This now allows for more than seven service offerings to be visible on the front page and goes towards improving the user experience by providing a consistent design across all devices.

Get the Complete Release Notes

To read about all of the features, improvements, and bug fixes included within this releaseplease see the complete release notes from the Efecte Community. If you are unable to access the community or have questions about upgrading, please contact our service desk.

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