IT Asset Management

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Efecte ITAM in a Nutshell

Efecte's IT Asset Management solution is a comprehensive, effective, modern solution and based on 20 years of deployments. Our CMDB includes a large set of different but interrelated configuration items, including smart concepts such as device models reducing administration efforts. To ensure a modern solution, Efecte ITAM includes components created according to ITIL 4, such as SaaS components.

Efecte IT Asset Management Visual Analyzer

Know your Assets and Their Relationships in the CMDB

Get a holistic view of configuration items, processes, individuals, and other enterprise assets.

Reduce Costs for Software Licenses with Software Asset Management

Enable Software Asset Management (SAM) rationalizing software investments, preventing over-purchasing, minimizing license compliance issues, and enabling software reuse.

Efecte IT Asset Management Dashboard

Efecte Change Management Kanban Board

Reduce Operational Risk with Change Management

Ensuring the continuity of your IT operations by choosing a solution that uses ITIL 4 practices.

Efecte ITAM is running on the Efecte Platform

Efecte Self-Service Portal MacBook

Multi-language Self-Service Portal

The intuitive, web-based interface makes self-help, service requests, and incident reporting simple for any IT asset. Users can see directly from the self-service portal which IT assets have been registered for them in the CMDB.

Efecte CMDB Kanban Board

Service Management Tool

Create a centralized and accessible record of devices, systems, software, and services to improve your operations. Use the included Kanban boards, dashboards, and other graphic views or create your own to instantly see critical information.

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Digitalize and Automate your Work

We offer cloud-based software that helps organizations digitalize and automate their work from simple ticketing and self-service to company-wide process optimization, helping you to digitalize and automate your work. Thanks to the versatility of the Efecte platform, organizations can manage a variety of services and processes.


Modernize Your IT

Designing, planning, delivering, and operating IT services can be complicated. Receiving and processing employee incidents and requests can be a time-consuming endeavor. By implementing a comprehensive solution that digitalizes and automates your services, you can dramatically improve your organization's efficiency and throughput.

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Simplify Customers Interactions

Excellent customer service is no longer a differentiator, but a necessity. It is essential to implement customer-specific, automated workflows to delight your customers effectively.

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Streamline Employee Services

Employee experience and retention are quickly becoming a key priority for every organization. HR departments are looking to re-organize, centralize, and automate repetitive questions to allow their team to focus on developing transformational projects instead of simple requests.

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Centralize Your Business Operations

The amount of information, processes, and systems used through an organization's departments are quickly expanding in scale and complexity. The need for a central and integrated system to manage all of the data and processes surrounding these services is quickly becoming critical.

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