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Webinar: Work smarter, not harder - How to measure to improve Digital Employee Experience

Is your business already following the new metric of IT success?

Join us for a live webinar on the topic of Digital Employee Experience

Digital Employee Experience, that is, how computers and software serve employees, is fast becoming the metric of IT success. According to Gartner, by 2025, 70% of initiatives need to report on it, up from the current 15%. So if your business hasn't asked about it yet, they soon are.

At the same time, this fundamentally shifts focus from operational efficiency towards value provided and being accountable for it. It pays to be early allowing time to pivot operations into new ways of thinking as well as fixing many, often embarrassing issues that are now going unnoticed but once reported, makes business ask questions you might prefer not to be asked.

Yet measuring and improving the digital employee experience isn’t hard or time-consuming. It just pays to act early, act now!

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to measure digital employee experience in your organization, and where to focus your efforts while improving it. We share essential secrets that allow you to make big gains with very limited efforts. To become data-driven, and proactive. And with these steps you are soon ready to be accountable, that is, to start telling business how you are improving the way employees get jobs done, proving it with numbers, and showing how you are doing against other businesses.

Register for this free webinar now to get prepared for this fundamental shift and become the leader of a better employee experience.


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Harri Turtiainen

CEO, Applixure Oy

Harri Turtiainen is the CEO and co-founder of Applixure. His mission is to make it simple and accessible for every IT department to improve employees’ experience with computers and software to succeed in, and enjoy their work. 



Teemu Lyytinen

Service Provider & Partner Lead, Efecte Oy

Teemu is a seasoned professional with extensive 17 years of expertise in ITSM/ITAM solutions and hundreds of customer implementations in practice. Currently Teemu is building Efecte partner ecosystem to enable Efecte’s international growth strategy as Service Provider and Partner Lead at Efecte.

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