Consultancy & Support 

Make sure you get the most out of your Efecte solution.

Efecte’s services cover the entire lifecycle of your solution from project definition and planning to delivery and on-going support. 

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With our professionals you always have the latest expertise at your disposal. Efecte’s method of delivering projects has been developed based on more than 1,000 implementation projects. A delivery team of certified Efecte professionals will lead, guide and support your organization through the life cycle of your Efecte solution.

    Advisory Consultancy

    You can use Efecte platform out-of-the-box to establish a basic setup for service management.

    In order to gain full advantage of the platform customer understanding is recommended. You need to identify your customers and map the services you offer to different internal and external target groups.

    Our consultants help you refresh service and process structures, consolidate corporate practices with support of Efecte tools and establish Enterprise Service Management Office functions.

    Outcome of Advisory Consultancy is a well-defined service catalogue for your organization. The service catalogue comes with processes that have customer-specific definitions like service times, priority definition rules, service request models and change request classifications.

    In identity and access management scenarios, we help you find the best path from your current situation towards more automated and digital processes, e.g., in managing employee lifecycles.

    advisory consultancy

    Solution Consultancy

    Solution consultancy

    Efecte Solution Consultancy consists of the following elements:

    Project Management services make sure your implementation and development projects run smoothly.
    | Solution Consultancy help you to implement and develop your Efecte solution according to Efecte’s best practices.
    | Care and Buddy services provide ongoing support, which is timed and resourced according to your organization’s needs.
    | Outsourced Administrator service is an alternative in case your organization does not have its own resources for administering your Efecte solution.

    Service Desk for Administrators

    Efecte Service Desk handles your administrators’ service and feature requests, opens incident investigations and helps with solution-related issues.

    Efecte’s Service Desk also informs your contact persons of any issues related to our products or operations.

    Service Desk support for administrators is included in all Efecte solution deliveries.

    Support is available via the self-service portal, email or phone in Finnish, English, German, and Swedish.

    We are at your service from 08.00 – 18.00 EET/EEST.

    Service desk for administrators

    Technical Service Desk for certified Efecte Administrators 

    Tel. +358 424 724 724 

    Opening times 08.00 – 18.00 EET/EEST.

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