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Crisis Ops

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Review Operations and Coordinate Responsibilities During a Crisis

Efecte's solution for Crisis Ops enables an immediate overview of the operational status of teams, services, and tasks of any business unit. During a crisis situation such as a pandemic impacting the availability of personnel and resources, both in-house as well from suppliers, the solution helps to coordinate responsibilities and critical tasks.

Efecte Crisis Ops Kanban Board


Review Operational Statuses

| Monitor critical issues of varying natures in a single view.
| Prioritise critical processes such as service, asset, and team availability.
| Use dashboards and Kanban boards to better view and review operations.

Communicate Operational Changes

| Standardize communication channels to improve reactions and transparency.
| Provide every team member with a standard view of current statuses.
| Alert stakeholders of changes with email or SMS messages.

Create and Allocate Tasks

| Link tasks to issues for greater visibility.
| Automatically allocate linked tasks to the operational owner.
| Allow a single task, multiple tasks, or entire projects to be easily reassigned.

Create a Central Record of Operations

Create individual records of personnel, teams, services, and assets. Incorporate critical processes such as change management, alarm monitoring, and deployment management.

Efecte Crisis Ops List View

Document and Manage Contingencies

Record operational and business owners of each critical issue and include substitutes and substitutes of substitutes to quickly overcome disruptions. Prioritize tasks and responsibilities according to a RACI Matrix.

Efecte Crisis Ops Template

Digitalize and Automate your Work

We offer cloud-based software that helps organizations digitalize and automate their work from simple ticketing and self-service to company-wide process optimization, helping you to digitalize and automate your work. Thanks to the versatility of the Efecte platform, organizations can manage a variety of services and processes.


Modernize Your IT

Designing, planning, delivering, and operating IT services can be complicated. Receiving and processing employee incidents and requests can be a time-consuming endeavor. By implementing a comprehensive solution that digitalizes and automates your services, you can dramatically improve your organization's efficiency and throughput.

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Simplify Customers Interactions

Excellent customer service is no longer a differentiator, but a necessity. It is essential to implement customer-specific, automated workflows to delight your customers effectively.

Our Solutions for Customer Service

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Streamline Employee Services

Employee experience and retention are quickly becoming a key priority for every organization. HR departments are looking to re-organize, centralize, and automate repetitive questions to allow their team to focus on developing transformational projects instead of simple requests.

Our Solutions for Employee Satisfaction

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Centralize Your Business Operations

The amount of information, processes, and systems used through an organization's departments are quickly expanding in scale and complexity. The need for a central and integrated system to manage all of the data and processes surrounding these services is quickly becoming critical.

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Crisis Ops is a Community Solution provided free of charge to all of our customers via the Efecte Community ». The solution includes the templates and expressions needed for implementation. You can learn more about our solution classifications here »

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Managing operations during difficult times: Deploying a Crisis Ops Solution

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