Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Enterprise asset management (EAM) software is essential for managing your devices, records, and work orders in one system.

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Centralize your assets and processes with a single Enterprise Asset Management system.

Building a central system for all enterprise assets makes planning, control, and maintenance simpler and allows easier integration with other digitalized enterprise processes. By running Enterprise Asset Management  (EAM) on the Efecte platform, you can digitalize activities through workflow automation, advanced reporting, and integrations. Our flexible data model also allows for the referencing or linking of every asset to the associated services, processes, people, and other assets.


Enterprise Asset Management software

Asset Inventory & Device Management 

Centralize asset specifications, classifications, relationships, and lifecycles.
| Manage purchases and requisitions.
| Create a central repository for your warranties and parts.

Asset Maintenance & Calibration Management 

Plan and schedule preventative and reliability-centered maintenance.
| Record device tasks surrounding calibrations and conditions.

Work & Service Management 

Combine processes with assets to gain better visibility into your operations.
Incorporate project planning and change management for asset usage
Review data surrounding assets with graphs, dashboards, and Kanban boards.

Build Asset Management Reports, Dashboards, and Kanban Boards

Teams and managers can gain better insight into asset management related tasks, with lists views, calendars, or Kanban boards that can be modified to filter based on statuses, tasks, responsible persons, or other critical aspects.

Enterprise Asset Management - Medical Kanban

Create a Central Log of Every Asset

Proper categorization, classification, and linkages between assets are crucial to inventory management. The Efecte platform allows any organization to create the exact records they need for every asset and include the critical information for that particular item.

Enterprise Asset Management - IT Asset Template

Incorporate your Processes and Projects

Link assets with the services, business areas, people, or any other critical information. Plan and manage the assets required for your projects and the project relating to upgrades, calibrations, and scheduled maintenance, all from a single system.

Enterprise Asset Management - Budegting Dashboard

Enterprise Asset Management: Industry Spotlights

Healthcare providers and MedTech companies are in a unique position when it comes to designing and implementing an Enterprise Asset Management Solution. This primarily relates to the vast amount and variety of assets that they are responsible for and the regulations surrounding them. We have implemented Enterprise Asset Management solutions to help:

| Create a central record of all assets that includes automatically scheduling tasks for calibration and testing
| Securely and automatically record who was responsible for the calibration or testing and when the task was completed
| An inventory management system flexible enough to include daily and regulated items such as bandages, medicine, and chemicals in a single system
| Provide instantaneous reports to managers and team leads for better planning, scheduling, and easier auditing

Transportation and aviation operations often run on tight margins, like most organizations that have adopted and implemented lean approaches. However, these two industries differ slightly from others due to their extensive requirements and regulations. We have implemented Enterprise Asset Management solutions to help:

| Identify the assets critical to their services and operations
| Create records of any changes or repairs to an asset
| Record which individuals were responsible for completing every task
| Maintain spare parts inventories to better implement lean approaches while maintaining minimum levels of critical items
| Record certificates surrounding assets and people with automatic notifications before their expiration

Payment systems and point of sale (POS) devices are crucial for many businesses, and when a single or multiple systems go down due to software or hardware failure or attack, the effects are often dramatic and immediate. To help mitigate many of these problems, these companies will continuously improve the physical and technical designs of these systems. We have implemented Enterprise Asset Management solutions to help:

| Better plan and schedule updates or the role out of new devices
Provide a solution where to centrally record every issue reported
Include reports and dashboards to identify and prioritize issues affecting multiple customers or devices
Plan, review, and asses past and future changes and projects to improve processes

Digitalize and Automate your Work

We offer cloud-based software that helps organizations digitalize and automate their work from simple ticketing and self-service to company-wide process optimization, helping you to digitalize and automate your work. Thanks to the versatility of the Efecte platform, organizations can manage a variety of services and processes.


Modernize Your IT

Designing, planning, delivering, and operating IT services can be complicated. Receiving and processing employee incidents and requests can be a time-consuming endeavor. By implementing a comprehensive solution that digitalizes and automates your services, you can dramatically improve your organization's efficiency and throughput.

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Simplify Customers Interactions

Excellent customer service is no longer a differentiator, but a necessity. It is essential to implement customer-specific, automated workflows to delight your customers effectively.

Our Solutions for Customer Service

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Streamline Employee Services

Employee experience and retention are quickly becoming a key priority for every organization. HR departments are looking to re-organize, centralize, and automate repetitive questions to allow their team to focus on developing transformational projects instead of simple requests.

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Centralize Your Business Operations

The amount of information, processes, and systems used through an organization's departments are quickly expanding in scale and complexity. The need for a central and integrated system to manage all of the data and processes surrounding these services is quickly becoming critical.

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Enterprise Asset Management is a Custom Solution tailored according to the needs of customers re-using forms, templates, and workflows of previous deployments. Additional configurations may be designed for each delivery as required after the scoping workshop.

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