Metsähallitus made demanding identity management easy with Efecte

Metsähallitus is a state-owned company that provides natural resource services to a wide range of customers, from citizens to large companies. If everyday life in an organisation is anything between land, forest and sky, Efecte IGA came along and got stuck in the cloud.

Metsähallitus had already been using an identity management system that was nearing the end of its lifecycle. Through a public tender and with the help of an external consultant, a search was launched to find a suitable partner for a new and more flexible solution.   

"We had already had two previous identity and access management systems in place before the Efecte IGA identity management system - although they were different in terms of features - by this point in time already cumbersome to use and lacking in features. We wanted a new, more modern and easy-to-use service for managing user identities, which also has room for growth for future needs," says Lasse Kemppinen, ICT specialist at Metsähallitus.




The main benefits of the Efecte IGA solution for Metsähallitus:  

  • Time savings in onboarding and offboarding processes  
  • Ease of use for end-users
  • Reporting 


Metsähallitus wanted a solution that would provide immediate added value and a functional tool for everyday life. One of the most important criteria was ease of use.

The project progressed from tendering to supplier selection and initial project preparation. It didn't take long to move from plans to actions - the smooth progress was facilitated by the client's previous experience in identity management and similar projects - and thus an understanding of what they wanted and needed from the new solution.   

"The customer certainly does not need to have any knowledge of identity management or IDM projects, but in the case of Metsähallitus, previous experience with a similar service and a well-prepared tender on the other hand accelerated the process. The project took less than 9 months from start to deployment, including summer holidays. During that time, we switched from the MIM solution to Efecte IGA," says Sami Salomaa from Efecte.

"The IGA project went from start to deployment in a third of the time that IDM projects on average. The hyper-support we received after deployment successfully completed the final stages of the project."


ICT Specialist, Metsähallitus

At Metsähallitus, the new IGA service is used by a few main users, with around 1000 internal and 800 external users. Compared to the old service, the new one is a fully independent end-user self-service portal. In general, identity management as a cloud service was new for Metsähallitus.


"Security - whether we talk about GDPR or data security - has been taken into account in Efecte's IGA in the way required by all laws and regulations. Security, ease of use and, on the other hand, Efecte's professionalism throughout the project were convincing. We intend to extend the use of Efecte IGA even further than it is today", Kemppinen continues.

What is Efecte IGA?

Efecte Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) is a cloud-based SaaS solution that automates and streamlines the management of identities and access rights. With IGA, you get an intuitive and affordable solution for managing user identities and permissions, whether your end users are employees, stakeholders or partners.

Metsähallitus' Efecte IGA operates in their designated location, a so-called private cloud model, where the customer gets all the benefits of the cloud but maintains the data center themselves.  


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