An intuitive and accessible tool for diverse needs - Eltel's use of Efecte

Eltel is a leading service provider for critical infrastructure that enables renewable energy and high-performing communication networks today and for future generations. Committed to sustainability, Eltel strives to promote a more sustainable tomorrow by enabling the transition to a robust, resilient and carbon-neutral society. Their proven track record and innovative approach make them a trusted partner in shaping Europe's infrastructure landscape, enabling progress and connectivity for communities and industries alike.

How has relationship developed?

Starting six years ago, Eltel initially used Efecte for handling incidents and finance services, but they progressively expanded its usage to include HR processes, business processes, GDPR-related processes, IT Service requests, events and change process. The number of ITSM licenses has grown from 70-80 to 420, and Efecte is now present in all countries within Eltel's operations.



Collaboration with Efecte has been fruitful, with Eltel working closely with Efecte representatives and expressing satisfaction with the relationship. "I’ve been collaborating with many Efecte representatives and I am happy about the relationship," - says Adam Dubiela, ITSM Manager at Eltel.

Recently, Eltel changed its support model, incorporating Efecte's Admin service, which has been in use for half a year and has proven valuable in resolving incidents and service requests.

"On a higher level, Efecte brings structure and control to the way we are working. Without a system like this it would be chaos."

Fredrik Smedberg

Head of Business Application Services, Eltel

Day-to-day operations with Efecte

On a day-to-day basis, Efecte and Eltel maintain a close and dynamic relationship according to Efecte's Customer Care Model that is adjusted to Eltel's needs, including:

  • Efecte & Eltel Business Review meetings and Technology Forums
  • Efecte Admin Service
  • Efecte technical CARE consultancy
  • Efecte Support
  • Complemented with Efecte Service design and Training services when needed

Catchup meetings with admins are held to discuss ongoing projects, and in case any doubts arise, Niina Lappalainen, Eltel's contact owner at Efecte, is readily available for support. Additionally, a service desk is in place to address any unplanned topics.

To ensure seamless collaboration, business reviews are organized between Efecte and Eltel, allowing both parties to wrap up their overall cooperation. Besides that, technology forums offer a platform for Efecte's product team to present new developments and engage in discussions with Eltel, working together to achieve Eltel's goals and explore the interesting bits that Efecte brings to the table that Eltel can take advantage of.

This collaborative approach creates an environment where both parties are heard, enhancing the effectiveness and success of their cooperation.

Eltel's daily operations with Efecte revolve around handling incidents and service requests, making it the primary use case for the most business users. Since 2018, Efecte has also been used in supporting HR services across all countries within Eltel. Additionally, in finance processes, Efecte's finance services facilitate seamless connections to the shared service center in Gdansk, ensuring efficient financial operations.

With a clear and organized structure, Efecte's services are translated into seven languages at the moment, enhancing accessibility for a diverse user base. Adam says: "We have clear structure, the services are translated in 7 languages at the moment. Now we are developing business area, which makes up 40% of the ticket volumes. We are trying to encourage our businesses located in all countries to improve services using Efecte as the primary communication tool."

Strengths and business benefits


Efecte has proven to be a vital asset for Eltel, offering a range of strengths and business benefits that have significantly impacted their operations. Right from the initial meeting, Efecte made a positive impression, establishing a strong relationship. "From the very first meeting, Efecte made a good impression. We've developed a good personal relationship, which is crucial," - says Fredrik Smedberg, Head of Business Application Services at Eltel. "It’s important to have a long-term relationship. Right now I see that we invested a lot in Efecte, it’s a very important tool for us today and it wont be any less important in the future," - he continues. 

Efecte's contribution to streamlining processes and enhancing productivity is evident through various aspects. It effectively structures the request process and enables precise monitoring of SLAs and ticket replies, granting Eltel complete control and a comprehensive overview of incoming requests. With Efecte's cloud-based solution, there is minimal downtime, which is essential for smooth operations. The tool's user-friendly interface and easy navigation contribute to efficient administration, enabling teams to understand processes and extract essential data from dashboards easily. The one-stop-shop solution has proven particularly beneficial for Eltel, simplifying tasks such as employee onboarding and saving valuable time for managers.



Efecte's self-service capabilities have also been a game-changer, offering significant advantages in validation, order numbering, approval processes, and management reporting. Its user-friendly charts and interactive data visualization have received positive feedback from Eltel's teams.

"On a higher level, Efecte brings structure and control to the way we are working. Without a system like this it would be chaos," - says Fredrik Smedberg.

The three most significant benefits of Efecte's implementation include its availability and support of cloud services, its low downtime, and its easy manageability, characterized by a straightforward interface and easy navigation.

Outlook on the future

Looking ahead, Eltel plans to continue developing its use of Efecte, particularly focusing on improving digitalization and automation. Prefilled fields, data usage from old tickets, and automation to reduce clicks are areas where Efecte could further support business needs. Eltel values the partnership with Efecte and anticipates future developments, which will be driven by the company's evolving business requirements.

Ultimately, Eltel sees Efecte as a crucial component of its operations, a tool that simplifies and enhances their work processes, and a long-term partner in their journey towards digitalization and automation.

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