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The office is far from over – 5 factors that make a difference

The office is far from over – 5 factors that make a difference

Come and step into the new Efecte Headquarters! The office is far from over - it just needs to be reimagined.

We have reimagined the Efecte home base to be a place where we gather to innovate, simplify the services and build Efecte - the European alternative for ITSM and more.

We recognized that to achieve this and make a difference, these 5 factors needed to be considered: 

  1. The one-size-fits-all model is over, and that is why we have multiple types of areas for our people. The idea is to make it easy to find a place for individual work, customer work, or teamwork. We also wanted to invest more in the atmosphere. Office spaces today are all about collaboration, socializing, flexibility, and technology. Flexibility is manifested by taking into consideration different purposes. The technology should enable different hybrid setups where we are working as a team.  

  2. A large number of our people are working remotely and that has been the case also earlier. From an employee's point of view - if you are not making remote work accessible, you are not seen as an attractive company. 

  3. Then again, we all know that remote working is only productive to a certain extent. This is why we wanted to provide a place for our employees where they want to come and have enough pull factors to achieve that. It is not the walls that make this place interesting but the people and the atmosphere we build here.

  4. People pick their place to work based on the purpose of the day. We have created different kinds of areas for our employees to choose from. Be it a coffice area, project room, quiet area, open arena, or smaller multi-use room to provide quiet time and privacy.   

  5. We really value the breaks! Breaks are so important, and we want our premises to prevent people from overload. It is critical that you have space and opportunity to let your thoughts fly free between meetings or projects. That people feel happy and energized. Breaks are essential for your ability to bring high energy to the next meeting. This you can accomplish for example, by playing a little pinball in between. 

Mentoring, coaching, and socializing work fantastic at the Coffice and gaming area. Our well-equipped webinar areas can be used for video meetings. There are workshop areas, project rooms, library rooms, and multi-use rooms. Our rooms are now planned based on the purpose and not on the role or the team. In each team, there can be people who prefer working with others and like to socialize while working, and there can be people of the opposite inclination. Working spaces should be tailored as different personas the same way we tailor our services. 

Efecte HQ_entry_2-1

The result of all this is our new headquarter and the home base. Not to forget - home offices and other city or country locations are always equally essential hubs when it comes to the way we roll. Come and step into the Efecte office! The office is far from over - it just needs to be reimagined. 


Efecte's new home base is quickly proving to be a place for innovation. Here is an excellent example of people coming together to make it happen - a Finnish podcast on the topic of ITSM but without the typical IT jargon, realized by our Finnish Sales team.


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